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Hugs from Henry Project

Update on Hugs from Henry project: Henry got lost in the mail in May. We have finally tracked him down but the project will be re-launching soon - hopefully in September. Preference will be given to photographers who I know personally (via Twitter, Facebook & blogs). 

Congratulations to the Galindo family on the upcoming birth of their third child due late August!

All photos in this post are copyright Erin Galindo
Meet the Galindo family.  I met Erin in my photography class - you can see Erin's Photography Diary here. That photography class was very unique,  I was super inspired by the group of photographers that gathered for a month to encourage each other in their photography. I haven't had a group like it since, it was an amazing experience! During the class I had a storm of collaborative ideas swirling around in my head - but this is the one that I am moving forward on.

DSC07267 copy
I am so excited to introduce you to my newest project. For the moment I'm calling it Hugs from Henry - Love, Lucas. Henry is a sock monkey with a heart full of love for Lucas - and you!

Lucas Galindo is a sweet 18 month old, he is a mischievous little guy who keeps him Mommy busy busy busy.
You can read his birth story here.

Lucas has down syndrome. Erin has made it very clear to me that he is such a joy to raise but it also means that at 18 months he is just now starting to walk. He has needed physical therapy, and you can read about Lucas' most recent hospitalization on Erin's blog Unforeseen Gifts

My goal for this project is to help the Galindo family with their medical expenses by launching the Hugs from Henry, Love Lucas project! Erin bought Henry from here. He is a one-of-a-kind sock monkey, hand-stitched by Erin! We will be gathering a group of photographers from all around the world who will volunteer their time and skill to photograph Henry, as he travels around the world from photographer to photographer.  I will then compile these photos into a book that will be published via Blurb and the proceeds from the sale of these books will go directly to Erin Galindo.

Interested in participating?
Send me an email with the following information:
Your name:
Your general location (i.e. Augusta, Georgia - USA)
Your camera type and primary lens(es)
A link to your photography blog/website/flickr:

Thanks so much! I can not wait to see what a difference we can make for little Lucas and his family and with the help of Henry the sock monkey send them a hug from around the world.

Make a difference NOW!

Hugs from Henry, Love Lucas

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Photographers who have been given a hug from Henry so far:
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