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30 by 30

30 Things TO DO Before I Turn 30 (8.26.2013)

Still a work in progress but here is the list
  1. Loose my muffin-top fat around my waist
  2. Go vegan raw for at least a week
  3. Dye my hair
  4. Publish a book (via Blurb)
  5. See a movie on opening day
  6. Print photo books for each of my kids
  7. Join a yoga class
  8. Go on a REAL vacation
  9. Take a photography class
  10. Sign my kids up for ballet/gymnastics
  11. Get all of the kids to sleep through the night in their own beds
  12. Start sewing again
  13. Finish the afghan I started crocheting last year
  14. Learn to crochet something other than an afghan
  15. Grow a garden
  16. Join a Bible Study/Small group
  17. Frame my more recent photography
  18. Finish reading a book
  19. Go for a week without TV
  20. Build my blog traffic to over 5,000 a month (I'm nearly there!! at 4,400 a month)
  21. Re-do my blog's appearance
  22. Re-make my profile cards
  23. Learn to cook something amazing
  24. Bake a quadruple layer chocolate cake
  25. Refinish a piece of furniture
  26. Watch a movie with my mom
  27. Take a weekend away with just my husband
  28. Go ice skating
  29. Explore a new place
  30. Take my kids bowling