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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mama's got SWAP

I have got a bunch more that I'll be adding to this post later today...  

I am linking up with the weekly swap on The Bartering Blogger today - I hope you will too!!

Today I'm listing a shower curtain that I don't use anymore.

DSC_3811.JPG DSC_3807.JPG DSC_3796.JPG
I bought it from Target spring 2009 (see it here) the collection of coordinating products is still available from Target. It does have a little discoloration on the top edge (pictured above) otherwise it's in perfect condition.

Things I'm interested in swapping for:
*Ad space
*Editing for five photos to get them ready to pint
*providing a giveaway on my blog
*The third book in the Twilight series
*Books - especially devotional, poetry and popular fiction.
*Home accents especially green or neutral or vintage modern.
*girl's dresses (sizes 6 & 8)
*brown or  gray sweater or lightweight jacket (for me - size medium/12)

I'll pay shipping for my item if you'll pay to ship yours. You can contact me via twitter or email or leave a comment below with your email address.


uwmomma said...

This is so fun! I have that shower curtain and I LOVE it! I know someone out there will trade you for something good!

Anonymous said...

hmm i couldnt use the shower curtain (i have doors) but if you would like i could do a giveaway of a hat and scarf set :) (perfect for winter)

drop me a email and let me know :D

Anonymous said...

I may have that 3rd book! I have to take a look around in some boxes yet that I've not unpacked.

Girls dresses...I may have those too!

And of course....ADD SPACE!!

Anonymous said...

I'm taking my pictures of things I'll be wanting to swap and that I want as well!

Anonymous said...

ok :) ill email ya sometime this weekend