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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

excuse me while I ramble

Everyone else is asleep... so I just had to burst in here for a minute and scribble something.

I just got back from the most extraordinarily wonderful night out with my birthday girl, Beth who turned ten today. We saw Hugo in 3D and it was perfect. It's very old fashioned feeling, lots of books, a mystery with a perfect little dash or romance. We were like two giddy girls coming out of that theater. If only every day could be her birthday... On our way home we saw the moon... the moon! It was low and orange and only a sliver of it was showing, so close you'd think you could touch it!

Now I'm sitting here, eating a bit of apple pie (it's not very good cold) and drinking a bit of coffee and waiting for my chicken carcass to boil into broth, which, it has just struck me, is an exceptional exercise in futility. It takes pretty much all day to get a good chicken broth. I think I was just desperate to get any good out of that disaster of a meal, plus I have an inordinate amount of work to do.

Eli is in his seat beside me, he keeps making noises, cooing and crying in his sleep. It's just adorable.

Good night.

5 comments: said...

Sounds perfect! I went to the movies with my teen girl yesterday and it was so nice, just the two of us!!

Barbara said...

My baby girl is 20 now - enjoy these days!! Loved your rambling :)

Seeing Each Day said...

What a lovely night for you, let alone for a girl to get some precious time with her mum. I laughed at your realization about the chicken broth!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun night to me! Im wanting to see Hugo too :P

G'mom Becky said...

chicken broth... in the crock pot, overnight!
I remember a little girl with straight brown hair who was 10... seems so long ago!
Love and hugs!