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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eli and his little teether "Sophie"

I ordered this giraffe teether for Eli a while ago. I just had to have it. It seemed so trendy. I couldn't wait to photograph Eli with it. Finally the day came when I was ready to let Eli try to hold it. WOW - watching him struggle to grasp it reminded me what an amazing thing motor skills are! 

The toy is made out of 100% natural and okay-for-baby-to-try-to-eat materials and comes from France! That's pretty cool. You can get yours here

On to what you really want to see now: 
by the way, as usual these are all SOOC. 

 This teether is also a squeaker. Eli thinks it's hilarious.

 I thought it was really cute that he was wearing a giraffe sleeper too.

Josiah also thinks that this new toy is the coolest thing ever and is happy to squeak it for Eli... for as long as I can take it!

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Darcie said...

how sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

I love his little scrunch face smile.. so cute!

Deborah said...

That is one very precious photo session there, Faith!! I absolutely love those smiles!! Wish my boy could have had a 'Sophie' when he was younger! He was forever putting not-so-healthy things in his mouth =\ I'll have to make a note of this for our grandbabies someday! :) I also had a question for you ... I've been wanting to show my photos side-by-side ... and I believe they're called 'diptychs'. I was wondering if you knew where I could learn an easy way to do that in either PSE9, or LR3. I've looked up some tutorials but they seem quite involved. I'm hoping you might know of one that's fairly simple. I was also thinking that maybe there is a way to get the images side-by-side here on blogger by changing up the html a bit when I'm writing a post. I thought maybe that's how you did the 4 images of Eli here. Any help would be so appreciated! Thanks so much! :)

Cedar said...

I have pictures of my Sunflower with a similar giraffe and jammies, but they didn't turn out nearly as cute as these! Sweet photos!

Tara said...

these are adorable

rebecca said...

he is so adorable your pics! :)

Kelly-Marie said...

I kept seeing this bloomin Giraffe thing everywhere, I didn't realise that it was a teether ! Gorgeous pictures as always hun x x

kewkew said...

Visiting from Oh Snap Shots of the week. Your Eli is such a sweetie. I can't pick a favorite shot at all. They are all so precious.

Lauren said...

He is just too cute, Faith! What a smiley little fella! Love it! What a cool giraffe too. Thanks for linking up again this week at HMA! So thankful for you!