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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another less-than Worless Wednesday: what's in a name?

I can hardly believe that it's already been a week since my post about changing up things up here on my blog! Wow this week has already gone by fast.

One of my first questions I have had to ponder since I decided to go ahead and try to complete my rebranding push before the first of the year is a new name for my blog and my "brand" of online photography classes. Like I'd mentioned in my earlier post I don't feel right moving forward with the same name as another photography blog and so begins the journey of trying to re-name and I've found that unless the name just pops into your head naming a business is nothing less than agonizing.

Pretty much everything having to do with Simplicity and Simply Photography is taken five different ways. As I googled different ideas for my blogs new name I realized that I would have to think of something dramatically different from my current name. I thought about naming my blog something along the lines of momtography but again that's taken, along with several variations. I looked at my sweet baby in my favorite sleeper and I think maybe something along the linese of the green striped giraffee. But then I think about the tone of my blog and somehow green striped giraffee Doesn't represent me or my blog well. I have crazy love for Madeline Bea and while I don't know how she ended up with her blog name I know that it's not her name - her name is Megan. That got me thinking - could I come up with something similarly awesome? Pretty much the only name I came up with in that category is Jane Adelaide - it's one of my all-time favorite names but my husband vows none of our kids will ever have it. So it might be a cool name for a blog. When I told my husband about that he just gave me a weird look. Plus I want the name to be easy to remember and flexible enough to grow with me as my classes ands website grow.

The name I am leaning towards at the moment is "Sweet Violet". Violets are my favorite flower and "sweet" just goes really nicely, plus I didn't find any "sweet violet photography" in a google search. I'm considering other options, Lady Violet is one. I thought about "Little Violet" but the hubs said that was diminutive.

Isn't that a great word? It's like something in an old fashioned child's poem or something. It's such a great word, but not exactly a word that I want associated with my photography.

Today I've had this one thought echoing in my brain - don't try so hard. Some things just take time, consistency, patience and perseverance. Sometimes all of this trying so hard does no good at all and just leaves me frustrated and exhausted. I am constantly surprised by the things that do and don't do well on this blog, statistically speaking. The links that generate revenue, the main sources of traffic. They all tell me to stop trying to hard, just be myself and trust that that is okay. At some point I have to stop agonizing and vacillating and just make a decision.

Sometimes you just have to take that next step.

Do you have any thoughts about my new name - I'd also love to hear how you decided to name or rename your blog!


Michelle said...

I love the name Sweet Violet Photography, I think it would suit your blog perfectly :) I don't mind Jane Adelaide either, it has a kind of vintage feel to it.

I'm always toying with the idea of coming up with a "proper" name for my blog/photography, I went with Photography by Michelle because it was obvious and I didn't think anyone would actually be reading my blog but my visitors are growing steadily and I've been booking a few more shoots here and there, I even have two wedding booked in for next year! So yes, it's something I'm always thinking about but coming up blank!

Anonymous said...

I like what your thought processes are. But I like a combo of the two...Something like Violet Jane. Lots of big names don't use their own name such as Conway Twitty (was Harold Jenkins) Kid Rock (was Robert James Richie. And even Carolyn Keene, author of Nancy Drew books didn't exist. There were several different authors who wrote the books under th Keene name. I always thought is I ever used a pseudonym for my work, I would be Kay (my middle name) Garret (my maiden name was Garretson). So you go girl and use whatever name hits your fancy.

satakieli said...

"Sweet Violet" is a very beautiful name, I think it would suit you and your photography too :)

I renamed my blog when I made the move to wordpress. Before it had been called "Clash and Contradiction" because originally my husband and I both wrote on it. He lost interest and suddenly the name made no sense anymore.

It took me a long while to come up with Bumbles & Light and it probably makes absolutely no sense to anyone but me, but that is ok. Bumbles for my sweet boy's most used nickname and Light because I take photographs I suppose :)

SarahinSC said...

I really love your blog name as it is! Do you have to change it, or do you just want to change it?

Me said...

I like Sweet Violet! And I also like the idea of Sweet Violet or Sweet Violet Jane. I understand the agony of renaming. My blog (I'm new to photography) was recently renamed and I think it fits my journey and I am satisfied. Changing a 'name' or brand is difficult once you have a clientelle so it has to lasting longevity.

Whatever you choose I'm sure you- and we'll love it! But make sure you love it more than anyone!

Anonymous said...

Love sweet violet. It matches the soft quality of your photos.

Faith said...

ooh! I love the idea os Violet Jane - there are so many possibilities down that line of thought.

insideways said...

I worked for a very small company last year that was going through a name change. For those of us in the office it felt SUPER weird and we were all agonizing over finding the perfect name. But, according to the business consultant we were working with, companies do it all the time and it's no big deal!

I think the weirdest thing is feeling like a name feels as "right" as the one you're used to. The good news is, within a week of switching the name all our clients were on board and no one seemed at all phased!

Some things we considered from our business consultant guy:
1. Two syllable names are statistically easier to remember
2. A name starting with a letter earlier in the alphabet is better for listings sometimes
3. it should be easy to spell so people can find it

Sorry for writing an epic!! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new name. :) Good luck with your rebranding.

Shoni said...

My blog, Walk With Me, is a play off of my last name, Walker. I love your name...Faith. If I ever have a little girl, that name would definitely be in my top five. What about something that plays that Faithful Photography or Faithfully Capturing Each Day...I don't know.

But I agree, it's hard to pick a name. I do like Sweet Violets. :)

Elizabeth said...

Ok, so in spite of the fact that everyone seems to be in favor of Sweet Violet ... I have to say, I definitely think Jane Adelaide rocks. :)