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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time to get your SWAP on!

I bought this at a local re-seller but I've not worn it. It didn't fit and I didn't return it within the 7days that it says on the receipt - so I thought that this would be the perfect thing to swap! 

I'm not looking to swap for a like-item, something more like a book or movie would be great. I'm looking for a good novel, biography or devotional. 

I've got more things to swap you can see that post here.

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You can too! What will you swap today?


Anonymous said...

on my way to check it out! :)

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

oh i like it! :) i'd like to swap something with you....hmmmm....what do i have that you might want? :)

you can e-mail me here: wildflowerphotographyaz(at)gmail(dot)com

happy weekend!