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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My many stages of editing

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama
Today I'm linking up with Paper Heart Camera for Touch Up Tuesday. Check out my first post as a Paper Heart Camera Contributor here.

This is why I can not be a professional photographer - at least not at the moment. I go through a zillion versions of my edit before I get it the way I want it... or at least try to get it the way I want it. 

add texture
set texture to "overlay"
plus gradient map and levels adjust
plus textures and brown layer
levels and textures re-adjust
plus Sugar Cookies
of course

Sugar Cookies layer adjust

And I still have no idea which edit I like - if any of them!
I do like some of my edits here and here though.


Tara said...

i think i like them all too! :)

Kathryn said...

i go through swings of extreme editing and minimalist editing. right now, it's on the minimalist side. great from a time perspective and makes me strive to get great SOOC shot. BUT, oh how i adore a crafted edit/texture, etc!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Love the last one.

Ashley Sisk said...

I know what you mean - actually my portrait work and creative work goes through 2 different processes. The portrait work...I start with one edit and go through the "how do I want this session to feel" and then duplicate that across the entire set. I can't possibly do that with my creative work.

G'mom Becky said...

You do some marvelous things with editing, but...
I like the original SOOC.
Does that make me a "purist"?
or a "realist"?
or a "minimalist"?
or just an "IST" (intensely scrupulous thickhead)HA!

Jessi Haish said...

this was such a cool post!

Christina Klas said...

such dreamy textures!!

Sandy said...

Hello Faith! Simple beautiful! All of them. I see you live in Augusta. We go to Aiken, SC all the time and I have been to Augusta many times! I linked up my Gratitude photo. Thank you for the lovely comment!!

Joni said...

i like them all, but i do like the SOOC too. they each give a different feel.

Anonymous said...

I am the same as Kathryn sometimes i tend to do simple edits, but since i am learning actions i keep trying to see what looks good and what doesnt :)

KT said...

my fave is the 3rd one.

Anonymous said...

yikes, thats a lot of edits! but I looove them all! but if I had to choose I really really like the feel of the last 3 :) I don't do as many edits, I have a few go to actions I run and thats about it.. although when working with textures I tend to try a whole bunch before I settle on what I like. I LOVE flypaper textures.

NV Photography said...

it is hard to choose.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

All beautiful, but I think the third is my favorite. So glad I found your site, I'm trying to learn more about my Nikon I've had for over a year and still have it on Auto! I'm missing ssome great pics! Looking forward to reading more.

Barbara said...

I love the original! Thank you for stopping by my place - I'll be back to check out your photography classes!!