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Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Inspiring Photography

Well hello there. It's my first day of posts for 31 Days of Inspiring Photography. If this is your first time visiting - thanks so much! You may want to check out my newly updated About page to learn more about the cast of characters on this blog! You can also check out my social media links on the sidebar and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr and Pinterest I would also love it if you followed me on Google Friend Connect which you can do in the footer, or follow me via Bloglovin or subscribe via email both of which are in the sidebar.

So what can you expect from this series of posts? 

Every day this month I'll be posting photos that I love from photographers I admire. I'll also post a critique of the photo - pointing out what I think makes it a really great photo. I'll also try to link up as many tutorials to achieving similar results as I possibly can so that this experience is not only inspirational but also educational. You can also expect that I will post direct sources for 99% of these posts (there may be be one or two posts that won't have direct sources- like the celebrity portraits faves on Pinterest) - so that not only will this be a series of pretty photos it'll also be a list of people to follow.

Week 1 - Inspiration from my Pinterest boards
Week 2 - Inspiration from my Friends
Week 3 - Inspiration from photographers I admire
Week 4 - Inspiration from my portfolio & answers to your questions

During the month of October I'll also be starting up my sponsor spotlight posts again - to introduce you to the beautiful people whose buttons are on my sidebar. If you're interested in sponsoring my blog for the month of November please click on my place an ad page to see my updated ad space page.

I'l also be re-starting my photography challenge on Tuesday!! The upcoming themes are all in the sidebar. Tuesday's theme is "what makes you smile?" Linky will be open 10/4 - 10/8 - grab a button from my sidebar and plan on linking up!!

Today's theme is coffee:
Source: via Faith on Pinterest
I LOVE this shot!! I love the crocheting stuff, ice cream and coffee - it's a trifecta of perfection. LOVE how this is in B&W too. The tones are so soft and subtle it has a great cozy look. This has a great composition and a nice amount of negative space.

Source: via Faith on Pinterest
I just love the tones in this shot - love love love them. The focus in this shot is really great too I love the texture of the table and yet how blurry it is. Such a nice background.

Source: via Faith on Pinterest
The depth of field in this one is really great and the focus on the coffee. The tones are very nice too. Look at the rays of light - so pretty!

Source: via Faith on Pinterest
Beautiful photo really nice tones and soft depth of field. Notice how the point of focus is off center? That's awesome and follows the rule of thirds really nicely. 

That's it for today!! See you again tomorrow :) If you're doing a 31 Days series please leave a comment and let me know so I can follow you! 


brie. said...

great photos - such an inspiration to take photos of everyday items!

Casey Martinez said...

well, my first thought after seeing these is, yum...I need to go make my morning cup of coffee:) Second thought is that the last shot is SO neat and I have been wanting to take a picture like that for a while now..hmmm And the first shot is so homey and cozy. love them all!

alita jewel said...

Oooh fun!

Love the coffee shots chica. I never get tired of taking coffee pictures either. lol

David Villarreal, Jr said...

oh my goodness.. thanks for linking to my photo!!! wow, these are ALL GREAT! I don't know what it is, but I love taking pictures of my beverages, I guess its like those people who like to take pictures of their feet, hehe! I will definitely be following along.. can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve and I will definitely be linking up for tuesday!!! you always have such good stuff going on here!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I made my comment under my hubby's account.. oops just in case you were confused by the previous comment lol!

deb duty said...

I love this idea for your series. I will be tuning in. And now I'm in the mood to take some coffee pics!

Cedar said...

Sounds like a fantastic series! I look forward to reading more of what you have to share!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Cant wait to see more :) Totally want to make a starbucks run now haha :)

Rambling Heather said...

Looking forward to joining you as you share on this topic! I need more inspiration when it comes to photography!