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Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days of Inspiring Photography: Day 8 Inspiring Portraiture of Female Celebrities

Source: via Faith on Pinterest

Source: via Faith on Pinterest
Source: via Courtney on Pinterest
Source: via Ali on Pinterest

I really really love this one too it's of Reece Witherspoon Lizzi Miller (basically) naked. Obviously taken sometime after she'd had her baby. Makes me feel a lot better about my post-preggo body.


Kathryn said...

hey, Faith! i actually think that shot is a plus-size model {plus-size by the modeling industries standard;)} i read an entire article about that photo shoot and made my husband and several friends read it. the whole thing was about a REAL body and REAL beauty. i need to dig the internet and find it again. love!!!

Kathryn said...

found it!!!

Heather H said...

I love the picture you linked back to, but that isn't Reese Witherspoon. I clicked back through to the original site and it says the picture is of a "plus-size" model & was commissioned by Glamour for an article about being comfortable in their own skin. A great shot, no doubt, but just not RW.

Faith said...

Thanks so much for the correction!! :)

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see someone comfortable enough to get in front of a camera like that! I couldnt do it thats for sure lol but it makes me feel a bit more comfortable in my skin.. :)

Lovely portraits.