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Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days of Inspiring Photography: Day 3 Inspiring Portraits of Children

Welcome to Day 3 of 31 Days of Inspiring Photography. Thanks so much for your comments on the last two days - isn't this fun?! I'm really loving all of this inspiration. I've now got lots more original photography to share with you... sooner or later.

My plan for today was originally to do that celebrity men portrait post - but it turns out that it was more difficult than I thought it would be - narrowing down the shots and then weeding through the ones that are only 200 pixels wide has been really tough. It's coming - I promise - just not today. So go get a fresh cup of coffee because these links will take you to some really fantastic blogs and you'll probably be here awhile.

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest
Isn't this SO cute?! LOVE the bubbles and the pretty soft tones.

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest
Can you say amazing?! I would love to get a photo of Eli like this! SO very beautiful. Great use of depth of field and this is one of those times when a center-weighted image really works. I can't really imagine this as a rule-of-thirds shot. The space around the baby is just too interesting to be negative space. Needless to say I'm completely in love with this photo. It's brilliant.

Source: via Katy on Pinterest
How sweet is this shot? I just love the way this shot is lit. perfection. And that negative space to the left is really sweet too. Usually I'm not brave enough to have black negative space. 

Source: via Faith on Pinterest
This is notable not just for the image - which is adorable - but also for the photographer. I love Pink Sugar Photography. I go there whenever I need inspiration for a photo shoot. She's been doing professional photography for awhile now and has an incredible body of work. She also has a Tumbler micro blog that I adore (see below)

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest
Lila Was Here is a micro blog by the brilliance that is Pink Sugar Photography. I simultaneously feel totally inspired by the variety of shots that are shared on this blog and feel like I've never taken a good photo in my life. This little blog is just amazing. You'll want to look at I promise. 

Source: via Faith on Pinterest
This is also another amazing blog. This daddy is a professional photographer and amazing photoshop artist - sharing shots of his two adorable little girls. It's full of fun and some really wonderful ideas!

Source: via Faith on Pinterest
ToddlerToes is someone I've been following on Flickr for quite awhile now. The link will take you to her stream. One of the coolest thing is that you pretty much never see their faces. brilliant. 

I will be blogging my gratitude list later "today" (I actually need to go to bed first) and I would LOVE for you to link up to tomorrow's Photography Challenge - the theme is "what makes you smile?" Also I'd love for you to check out my latest post over at Bartering Blogger for my Blog Tip of the week.


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Oh, these are breath taking.

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I love these :)

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Wow - these are gorgeous - I am inspired!

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I love the bubble picture.

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loving all these eye candy! =)

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beautiful 31 collection :)