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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting Unstuck

We all hit those low points in blogging - the momentum starts to lag, the interest decreases and interaction starts to decline and, if you're like me, the blogger starts to stress.


We're talking about every-other-waking-thought stress.

What am I going to eat for breakfast today and what can I do to boost traffic to my blog? What do I need to buy at the store today and how do I get more comments on my blog? I wonder what we'll do tonight and what am I going to write about on my blog.

Yeah. Blogging is awesome. But when it's not going well it can ruin your life.

Okay, well maybe that's an exaggeration (ish). But I'm sure you know what I mean, especially if you've made the transition from "I have a blog" to "I am a blogger".

I have been experiencing this same type of lull in my blogging lately, life briefly fell apart and when I picked up the pieces blogging was just not as front-and-center as it had been, and it felt good.

Until I checked my stats (you know you know what I'm talking about!).

So the other night I'm sitting outside on my back steps, thinking about my blog - it's late, so it's dark and cool and everyone is asleep but me and it's the perfect time to do some good hard thinking, maybe a little meditation as well.

Sometimes, in moments like these you have a thought that completely changes your perspective.

Here's what that thought was for me:

Embrace it.

Okay, so I 'm no expert, and this might not be universally helpful advice, but it's worked for me. I embraced the lull and accepted this quieter time as an opportunity and do you want to know what happened? I suddenly became unstuck, ideas started to flow.

I have more ideas than I have time to blog them. I've got enough stuff to keep me busy just about every day through the new year. I started finding new ways to connect with other bloggers and set realistic goals for the next weeks and months. I've got ideas for new features on my blog, new design and layout ideas, an idea that I'll have to wait at least a year to start on just because I'm too busy now working on other ideas. This is an awesome place to be in, and I don't think I could have gotten to this place if I hadn't gone through the valley of low stats.

So I am choosing to embrace this season, accept it, think of it as a blessing and stay unstuck!


Kathryn said...

Faith, i ♥ this post. especially as someone who kind of stays on the low end and tends to think . . . what am i doing wrong!?! you know what. nothing. do what you do for no other reason than it's your heart and soul's passion. if somebody follows along, that's just icing.

G'mom Becky said...

could it be.....
you have a brand new son!


Uh, honey, you did or did not just have a baby? I don't even remember emailing a birth announcement until she was like, a year, and I only have 1!
I'm thrilled you found your inspiration once you got past the mental construct that "stuck" is a BAD thing. It's not - it just IS.

BARBIE said...

I am so thankful for all the ideas floating around in your head. Sometimes we simply have to go with the seasons. It's hard not to focus on the stats and comments, but really, they do not define you as a blogger!

G'mom Becky said...

Love you all the time!

Jodi said...

I love this post. I just recently restarted a new blog, I had a blog the year before last and I experienced this lul and my solution was to just walk away from blogging. But recently I was thinking and I knew that I need to come back to the blogging world! And if I experience the lul once again I know how to handle it this time. The first commenter said it right where you share you life, your heart and soul and if someone follows along its icing.. And this time around I have already met so many nice people (yourself included!) into my extended circle of friends. And i cant wait to see where this new path of re-blogging (as i like to call it) takes me!

I think your blog is lovely, and i for one am glad you found your inspiration and are un-stuck! :D

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Branson said...

You sound like me... I always have more ideas than I have time ;) Can't wait to see what's up your sleeve!

Becky @ Rub Some Dirt On It said...

I am so glad that you are feeling more unstuck and that you are getting your groove back. I have started to relax a bit about the effort of getting traffic to me, and although the "numbers" have decreased, I'm happier. So I'll take it for now while it's nice out and then I'll get my blogging face on when it's snowy and I have nothing else to do but eat ;)