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Saturday, August 27, 2011

weekend reading

So you know, every now and then I like to feature some new friends on Google+ these are people who you really ought to be following! Their streams are simply wonderful.

Kristi B

Peter F
he posts a lot of stuff

Sari S

Tammy Lee Bradley

I must be living under a rock because I just discovered Babble Voices - but I'm warning you, click on this link if you have at least an hour to kill!! ;) This site reminds me why I want to be a "pro blogger" someday.

Fiddleheads - this is my new favorite band.

and this is my new favorite song.

Happy weekend!


tara said...

i am clearly living under a rock, because i was on vacation when google+ came out! spare an invite??

Heidi said...

Okay, can you follow these people if you are not on google+? The photos look amazing and I am interested...sort of afraid to start a new social media thing since I am already reading a LOT of blogs! What can you tell me? THANKS so much, :)

Anonymous said...

These are some amazing shots! Totally added them up.. Looking forward to more :)

Jamie Rubeis said...

Gotta go check out some of these peeps!