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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eli is 2 weeks old

We've made it to two weeks! Eli is still sleeping beautifully and growing nicely. I'm recovering quickly and aside from some chronic headaches feeling pretty good. I started doing my yoga practice again yesterday - it feels so good to be able to do full sun salutations again!

Eli's had his first round of specialist appointment for his hydronephrosis. So far every test has come back with positive results - he doesn't have kidney reflux, which is a common cause of hydronephrosis and his kidney function is within normal range. We still don't know what's causing the swelling and Eli has another series of tests on August 22 but so far we're not too concerned about this.

School starts on Monday! Oh I am so not ready for my kiddos to go back to school. We've already started getting everybody up earlier and it's no fun and Josiah is going to be so lonely! He's enjoyed playing with his sisters every day.

Thanks to those of you who have asked about my August mentoring session - it's still on! I'm really looking forward to this session - and having something other than diapers to change and dishes to wash!


Tonia @ said...

He is so adorable!! School starts next week already? Wow! Our kids don't start until September 6.

Tara said...

So so cute Faith, Congratulations! I hope your headaches go away. WOW, school already??

Branson said...

Just love this pic! Saying extra prayers for your headaches and Eli's tests! Hugs!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

What a sweet photo! Sorry to hear about the headaches! I hope those go away soon for you!

Beth P. said...

Congratulations on such a handsome little boy! Nicolasa sent me here because I have a similar hydronephrosis story. My son had bilateral hydronephrosis in utero and one kidney resolved on its own before he was born. He now has a dilated right kidney and as of next week it'll be 3 years with no complications. We went through the ultrasounds and the VCU and the checkups for the first year. I just wanted to say while it all sounded so scary at first we're doing okay and just like you said - it truly isn't anything urgent!

Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your newest addition!