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Monday, August 15, 2011

Because we all love another reason to procraastinate on a Monday

We all know how Mondays start with the good intentions, the long to do lists and then we sit down at the computer "just for a minute" to post something on Twitter real quick, to send someone a message on Facebook which will only take a second and before we know it the kids are whining for lunch and half of the morning is gone!

New faces on Google Plus
If you're not following them you should!
Henrietta H
Jamie R
and if you're not already following her Courtney N will add some bloggy loveliness to your Google+ stream :)

Of course you should also follow me and if you're interested in participating in Google+ but need an invitation just let me know and I'll send one to you.


stephanie said...

Mondays are always a pain with their long lists. ;) Thanks for all the info on who to follow! I'd love to join, but I need an invite - could you send me one?

Jamie Rubeis said...

Awww! Loving the love...I need to play catch up with my Google+ peeps!

Kim said...

Thanks for the recommendations for Google+. I recently got on and I love finding inspiration on there.

melifaif said...

LOVE that second picture oh so priceless.

Tricia said...

Hey there, Faith. I have been very behind and just read about Eli's tests. So glad that the prognosis was good. I will be saying a prayer (for mama and daddy too) that the issues will be resolved without incident.

p.s. if you have an extra Google + invite floating around, I would be much obliged to receive one. (triciaboutelle at