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Monday, June 13, 2011

photo shoot location test 2

I'm linking this photo up to the photography challenge at The Paper Mama - the theme is "green". Above is edited and below is SOOC...
The Paper Mama

DSC_1238 sooc
I've got a photo shoot coming up... my first portrait session in a while, so I was scouting out a couple locations. These were more natural settings. I'm still not 100% happy with these locations. Shooting in a field(ish) type space can be really difficult if the light isn't just right.
location 2 - love these trees!!
The shots below drove me crazy I just could not get my exposure just right for any of these shots!
location 3
location 3
location 3
location 3


Ashley Sisk said...

This is a great location - I love the trees and the light. Beautiful photos.

Meagan said...

What a great spot for a portrait session! I think your exposure on the backlit photos is pretty good. The faces could maybe be a little brighter, but with just a little bit of post processing I think these could really pop. Backlighting is hard, but it's soooo pretty! I think you did an awesome job! And she's such a pretty subject. :)

Gillian said...

You have a great model! I love the natural background in these, and the auto shop in the last post too. As for the backlighting, have you tried fill flash? Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not!

GabbyRM said...

Good job!

Elizabeth Nafe said...

LOVE this location! What natural beauty!

Alita said...

This screams summertime!

I prefer the SOOC shots chica. You have such natural talent & an eye for photography.

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!


Nessa said...

Love these - and your edit is really nice. I have a hard time when the subject is in the shade but the sun is somewhere in my shot to get the exposure right too. I end up with either overexposed sun spots or shadowed face. Sometimes I lighten the midtones a touch and it helps the face.