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Sunday, June 12, 2011

photo shoot location test 1

location 1
I took a drive with the fam tonight to test out some locations around the Augusta/Evans area for an upcoming photoshoot. I got some super-cute pics of the kids that I thought I'd share...

The one above was taken at a local grocery store and edited in PSE7 most of the ones below were taken at a nearby church and aren't edited.
location 5
DSC_1554DSC_1579my expressive little girl!!

location 5
I really need to work on my editing skills!! This quick touch-up below is not what I'd like it to be... any suggestions?! I'll be linking up these shots for Touch-up Tuesday at Paper Heart Camera.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

I found another awesome location - it's the side of a local auto-repair shop. I just adore the corrugated blue metal walls and the yellow thingamajigs add an awesome pop of color... if I can just compose the image correctly so that the a/c fans don't show!
location 4
edited in PSE7
really love this compostion
location 4DSC_1491

I also got some cute ones in a more natural setting... more to come tomorrow!


Kelly said...

Gorgeous girls! I like your editing skills xo

Shoni said...

Love these photos and the locations are awesome!

As for editing, I prefer super clean, natural-looking edits, so if I know I am going to edit them, I shoot in raw and then just make the adjustments in ACR. I bump up the exposure a tad, increase the blacks just a hint for some contrast, and do anything else that I feel needs to be done. After that, I rarely do anything in PS.

Anyway, just some suggestions. :)

Hope you're feeling well. We're getting close to having our babies! Yay!

the mom diggity said...

I love that blue background! Looks amazing!

JennyRain said...

1 - i love these locations
2 - i really like your edit on the first one. The "redded" up brick makes her blue eyes totally pop. LOVE that!

Carrie said...

Great locations. My FAVORITE is the local auto-repair shop! That blue is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Ooh - love that blue as a background!

Summer said...

I love these locations! BTW... your girls are gorgeous!

Nessa said...

I like simple edits and black and whites the best. What great locations.

Tara said...

gorgeous girls! I love the 3rd from the bottom with yellow and blue, love the contrast! Also totally love her freckles!

AJ said...

Beautiful girls and shots!

Kristy said...

love the blue background!

Elena said...

I love your edit for Touch Up Tuesday. Good job! I'm new at the whole editing thing too! Just having fun!

Kristen said...

Great shots! Love the locations!

Abi said...

I just love the blue background with the complimentary yellow! Great compositions, too!