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Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby name thoughts and ramblings

The hubs and I finally had a great conversation about our new little guy's name... he could be here in anywhere from two to eight weeks and he still doesn't have a name (reminds me of that clip from VeggieTales... forward to 4:10) Daniel suggested Eli Chase... isn't that a dreamy name?! But those are both names of TV characters (Eli from "Lie to Me" and Chase from "House") lame.

lame lame lame lame lame.

Why can't we figure out a better name for this sweet baby?!

I accidentally called him Eli the other night, instead of "the new little guy" or "your little brother" like I usually do... it felt weird and I just about freaked out - what if we have this baby and I just can't call him Eli? We don't have a back-up name. We don't even have a full name!! WE just have a lot of half-assed ideas and are really hoping that something will just jump out at us - like it did before...

In the hospital after the delivery - November 2001
Elisabeth Ann
The conversation the hubs and I had about what to name our oldest took about five minutes. I'd had my whole life up to that point to think about it and I knew that I wanted my daughter's name to be Beth.  I adored the character Beth in Little Women and wanted to name my daughter after the mild, caring girl in that book. My Beth has turned out to be more of a Beth Moore than a Beth March, but I still love the name. Her name is actually Elisabeth - spelled with an "s" instead of a "z" just like Daniel's sister :)

Her middle name was easy - Ann is my middle name and the middle name of a lot of the women on my mom's side of the family. I have at least an aunt, a great-aunt and a second-cousin with the middle name of Ann... I knew I wanted to follow in that tradition as well.

Summer 2003
Emily Alyssa
Our second child took a little more discussion. We were originally going to name her Alyssa - a favorite name of Daniel's but when the ultrasound technician said "it's a girl" I kind of freaked out. I remember sitting there in the waiting room and turning to Daniel and saying "I'm sorry - I just can't name her Alyssa"

Summer 2003
Summer 2003
Up to that point I'd never met an Alyssa and I wasn't sure just how unusual that name really was... so we came up with a compromise. I'd been lobbying for naming her Emma for awhile. The hubs thought it was way too old-fashioned but I'd seen the name on an episode of Friends while I was flipping channels and knew that people wouldn't think of it as old-fashioned any more. So we named her Emily... which is handy since we know like a million other little girls named Emma but we call her Emma at least 50% of the time. And we gave her the middle name of Alyssa - which she loves.

Daniel and Katie-Abigail
Our third child was a little bit more difficult. We went around and around and around with names... I was going through a phase where I was leaning towards more unusual names every single one of them got the stink-eye from Daniel. The only name we came even close to agreeing on was Katie.
Katie-Abigail's Birth
Katie-Abigail Elise
But we had a big problem with that name... another family at our church had twins name Emma & Katie and they were in Beth's class and in our small group. It seemed like it would be way too confusing to have two sets of sisters with the same names. Then I realized that I had several friends who'd given their kids double-barreled first names and a common name became a more uncommon one. So we decided to name her Katie-Abigail (after my little sister Abi). Her middle name is the same as my husband's foster-sister and I just adore it!
Beth, Emma & Katie-Abigail
The funny thing about Katie-Abigail's name is that we thought she would be a boy. The ultrasound technician told us he was 70% certain that we were having a boy so we had boy clothes hanging up, we'd told all our friends we were having a boy, but I tucked a little pink onesie into the bottom of the diaper bag "just in case" and I told my husband "well, at least if this baby turns out to be a girl she'll have a fabulous name" I'm so glad we went through the trouble of picking out both a boys name and a girls name!

The Raider chicks with our new little man
Beth, Katie-Abigail, Josiah & Emma

There was no doubt with our little man that we were having a boy. I loved the name Jane Adelaide but  I got nothing but "you're kidding, right?" from our friends. We'd picked out the name Josiah from the very beginning. Beth would have been Josiah David if she'd been a boy and we just carried the name through to the other kids. Katie-Abigail would have been Josiah Martyn but Daniel kept saying "Martyn" with a brittish accent and totally killed the name for me. So with Josiah I said "we're picking a new middle name" and we listened for something that we both really loved. I prayed about it a lot too. I wanted his middle name to be more artistic and soft since his first name is royal and strong. Then I bought the debut CD for Leeland and fell in love with that name... and so we got Josiah's name which I really love.

Josiah & Daddy 9/20/07
Daniel with Josiah Leeland

So that's the story of my other kids names...

We're still waiting to find a name that we love as much as we love our other children's names but haven't heard it yet. So if you'd like to make a suggestion - we're all ears! :)


Becky said...

Wow, I didn't know you had so many little ones. :0) I enjoyed reading your name stories. I couldn't imagine naming 5 kids. I had enough of a time naming one. I have an Emma too. She was named after a college friend of mine. Her middle name is Kay after my Aunt that passed away. If Emma had been a boy her name would have probably been Asher. I really liked the meaning and the fact that you don't hear it much if at all. My family thought I was crazy :0). I think that's when you know you've got a good name LOL.

Faith said...

Other names I'm liking at the moment:
Eliott Grayson
Elias Eoghen (pronounced like "Owen")
Eli Rhys (pronounced like "Reece")

Bee's Place said...

My thoughts, for what it's worth... I personally love the name Eli Chase. I have a brand new great nephew who is one week old and his name is Chase Matthew. Since it appears your hubby is named Daniel, why not Daniel Chase and call him Chase.

Shoni said...

I LOVE the name Eli Chase. If I ever have another boy, I might have to steal this name from you. :) It seems that you got a lot of name inspiration from TV with your other kids, so I don't think it's such a big deal. If you veto a name just because someone on TV has the name, you're going to have a hard time finding a

I like Eliott Grayson and Eliott Chase a lot as well.

My little guy is due July 26 (but I'm already 1 cm dilated...eek!), but we've chosen the name Lance Joseph. Lance is my husband's all-time favorite boy name and I could never deny him the chance to have such a big part in the name-choosing process. And Joseph is his dad's middle name. So now, I'll have a Nate and Lance.

Good luck with the name choosing!

Snapshotsofhappiness said...

We are kind of at the same point. The other two kids names came fairly early and easily. This time is a whole other story. Names I like bu the husband does not are Jessi, Levi, Titus, Eli, and the names he likes but I don't are Timothy and Tyler.

Manda said...

We've named five also and it's a challenge every time. Our third boy -- we were told he was a girl and had NO name picked out .. in the end he has by far the most unusal name in our bunch because frankly, I didn't have time to talk myself out of it. lol.. WE have a Luke, Molly, Samuel, Teague, and Charlotte. :)

Tezzie said...

I know I've made a couple of suggestions before, but I'm loving living vicariously through you guys, so I'll throw in a couple of more suggestions (and, it's so much easier when it's not a matter of naming one's own children ;D...oh, the stress when I had to find names for my 2!!!).

Some of my faves that didn't get used:
*Linus (if I hadn't named our dog this, then there's a good chance that Boy would've gotten this one!)
*Max (Maxwell or Maximus)
*Jacob (Jacoba for a girl)

Daniel is such a nice's a great suggestion to use that, at least as a middle name! :D

Good luck...can't wait to see what you finally decide (and to 'meet' your little bundle of sweetness!!)

Lazy Mondays said...

I love the stories of your children's names! And they are all beautiful, I'm sure that when your newest is born the name will just feel right to you :)

Cat @ No Wooden Spoons said...

I loved hearing how all your children got their names. When we were coming up with a middle name for our daughter and we got stuck we started picking random letters of the alphabet and listed off all the names we could think that started with that letter to see how they sounded or if any of them fit with her first name. For boy names I like Judah, Asher, Bennett, Eli, Nicholas, and Noah off the top of my head. Good luck! I'm sure something perfect will come along when you least expect it. :)

Branson said...

I love the name Eli! So sweet for a baby but a classy adult name too! :)

Becky said...

I don't have a suggestion but I loved reading about how you chose your kids' names!! And although I keep trying to fight it, I really want to have more than two--seeing your kids with their little siblings just makes me so jealous! I'm going to have to start lobbying really hard so I can pick out another name one day!

Meagan said...

i love the name Chase so much! We would have used it for our son, but it sounds terrible with our last name. I also really like Eli so I think Eli Chase is an amazing name.
And I'd never think of those TV characters with those names. Just MHO.

It's fun to see all the pictures of your new babies. I can't believe you've had to come up with 5 names! We've had the hardest time naming this baby girl and I think we've decided to wait until she gets here to decide for sure.

We're just going to take a list of our favorites to the hospital and hope one of them sticks.

Good luck!

Dorian Susan said...

Hey Faith...I love this post. How nice to "re-visit" the birth of all your cuties. Not having any kids, I guess I don't know the agony of the decision. Naming pets-my only experience. What I do know is once the name lands on them...2 weeks later you can't imagine it being anything else. You can't lose-really.
I too like Chase, but understand not wanting to trend with TV. When I taught school most of the boys had pretty traditional names-and I taught music, so I taught the entire school population-probably 10,000 kids in my 15 yrs.
I like Gavin which is sort of unique, but not weird. I think alternative spellings are hard in the long run, but I do like Rhys-and think the 1 syallable works well with Eli and your last name. I also like James and Bryan....and they ain't nowhere on your list and Alexander is a fave, but that does spell EAR...just sayin'.
Good luck-trust me, it will all be fine.
Hope the rest of your pregnancy is not too tough on you.

Miggy said...

OMG Faith! I LOVE this collection of photos! so so so precious. So excited for your next little one and can't wait to see more precious photos! xoxo