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Monday, May 23, 2011

How to NOT photograph your vacation

We're home from Myrtle Beach!! We had a wonderful time and were not at all ready to come home after just a weekend!

One of the highlights for me of our weekend at the beach was photographing my kids and their wonderful day at the beach. As a photographer having something fun and exciting (and challenging!) to photograph was one of the things that made me happy... also waking up and walking out onto the balcony of our hotel room to watch the ocean - that was wonderful.

So now I have a couple hundred photos to sort through and I have to decide which I'll post here, which I'll put into a Blurb photobook to send to Grammy and which to trash... but as I've been thinking about all of the ups and downs of photographing this weekend a post has been coming together so here you go: How to suck at photographing your vacation. Lessons learned - the hard way.

First only bring one battery. Why would I need a backup battery? Or even a battery charger for that matter. You know that the battery life of the one I you use every day is just amazing and there's no way I would need to... oh I don't know re-charge it while we're on vacation, right? It's silly to think I could miss a shot of oh let's say my family at our favorite doughnut shop on the beach only to discover that my battery is dead? That wouldn't happen - would it? I didn't end up taking that shot with my cell phone, right? Wrong. Lesson learned: Always bring a back-up battery and/or a charger.
the fam at Krispy Kreme at Myrtle Beach
May 2011
Which reminds me of the last time we were there when I also took a pic of the fam with my cell:

Sunday's Breakfast @ Krispy Kreme!
the kiddos at Krispy Kreme at Myrtle Beach
May 2009

Second only bring one memory card. Because I almost always never fill up my 2GB memory card in two days. I'll just bring the one I have in my camera and I won't worry about back up memory cards! That's a silly waste of space. I won't even check to make sure that the memory card is empty because there is no way that I'm going to take over 200 photos during a weekend at the beach, right? Wrong. Lesson learned: Always pack an extra memory card (or two).

Third only bring one lens. I brought my 55-200mm lens because the auto-focus is killer and it's my favorite lens for shooting outdoors. I can zoom in on the action without being too close. Since I'll be taking most of my photos on the beach that lens is perfect and I shouldn't need another lens. Because I don't want to take photos of my family doing boring things like sitting around our hotel room or going out to eat, right? Wrong. Lesson learned: go ahead and bring additional lenses.

Fourth do not periodically check your lens. Because why should I worry about tiny little grains of sand flying up onto my lens and creating big horrible nasty shadows on every single freaking picture? Really - that's a silly thing to worry about. Same goes for dried-on water droplets. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. Lesson learned: check photos and lens frequently for crap on the lens
this may very well be best shot I got of E the whole weekend!!

Fifth only rely on your viewfinder screen to determine how good or bad your photo is. Because they always look true to life when you're outdoors on the beach in the bright sun and you can totally rely on the accuracy of your viewfinder to determine if you should delete a photo, right? Why ever would you look at your histogram or wait until you're indoors to start deleting photos? Because the image preview of your viewfinder screen is completely reliable, right? Wrong. Lesson learned: don't judge how good/poor your photos are coming out by how they look under the bright glaring sun. 

Sixth let your husband talk you into loading your photos onto his iPad. Apparently loading photos onto an iPad isn't the trick. It's getting them off of it that's the tricky part. I loved being able to empty my memory card and view the photos in our hotel room and it was really kind of him to offer. But I'm still waiting on him to transfer the files onto my PC. He was originally going to email me each photo individually, (which would have taken forever) then he was going to upload a few into my Flickr for me. I think sometime sooner or later we will figure out how to transfer my photo files onto my computer - but in the meantime I think I may get a few gray hairs.
happiness in a box

Grab a button...or two...   

P.S. my brilliant hubby figured it out and now I have lots and lots of photos on my computer... hopefully some of them will make it here sooner rather than later :)


Shannan said...

Thanks for the info. Great reminder for our upcoming trip :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Great lessons my friend - my hubby sometimes thinks I'm crazy for carrying as much equipment as I do on any given ocassion but it's better than me missing out on something!

Skye said...

That is too funny (Well not really!!) - I was just telling my husband when we go to the Outerbanks this summer - we need to bring like 5 Memory cards & all the batteries, etc!! LOL

Anonymous said...

WAIT! Don't delete any yet!

Check this out:

Courtney K. said...

GREAT reminders! I made the mistake of not taking a backup memory card to an event I was shooting (unpaid) and it was a disaster. I ended up standing there trying to sort through and delete photos so I could take more. What a mess! Glad you guys had a great time on your trip! Krispy Kreme is the BEST!! :) Thanks for linking up today!!

Lisa said...

I made the mistake of only taking my 50mm lens to Las Vegas. Big mistake. Should have brought a different one. Oh well. Live and learn.

Courtney said...

Great reminders! The snapshots are very cute. Glad you had a great time. Thanks so much for linking up!

Laura said...

Hahaha, I can identify with these! I went to FL and brought only my 50mm lens this winter. It was the best option because I didn't want to take long another bag [I carry my camera, cards, battery etc in my Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag, along with wallet and everything else]. But still, it was really limiting in some circumstances. Before my next trip, I am going to look into an 18-200 or 24-100 or something like that. To give me a little more of a range!

Hopefully you can get your photos off your hubby's ipad and onto your computer! I have only played with an ipad once so I can't help out there.

Ashley said...

Ha I just learned these same lessons myself! Now I have an extra card and battery too!

JennaLynn Photography said...

YUM! Now I want some donuts!