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Friday, April 29, 2011

baby baby baby

This baby will be here before I know it! He reminds me a lot of Katie-Abigail - really active - he likes to practice his pro-soccer moves every night, I can't wait to meet him. This pregnancy has already gone by crazy-fast, I'm already just about to start my third trimester - wow.  I am so blessed to have fairly easy, uncomplicated pregnancies -  though I've had to start really watching what I eat - my hands have feet have started swelling a little and I have pretty bad heartburn. If you have any advice about this mamas - bring it on!! 

My biggest struggle with this pregnancy has been picking a name!! Eli has been a favorite since the first weeks of this pregnancy but the hubs hasn't agreed to anything yet. His favorite name is Graham, which is growing on me - but not for a first name. I spent the morning looking through some baby name sites and wrote out a huge list of possible names - most of which I'll cross off tonight or tomorrow. A few other favorites are Ethan and Nathan and I kind of like the name Ashton for a middle name. Since this is our fifth child I kind of like the name Quinn as a middle name - since it means "fifth" but I'd like to give him something more meaningful. 

Little Man's name is Josiah Leeland and I love his name. Josiah is a name that we picked out before we were even married, we had a long car trip and were talking about future kids names. When I was pregnant with my oldest I wasn't sure I loved it, but by the time Josiah was finally born I couldn't imagine naming him anything else. Leeland comes from a band that I like, it's the name of the lead singer/songwriter.  I was looking everywhere for an artistic middle name to go with Josiah's strong, biblical first name and I love love love his unique, beautiful middle name. But now trying to find a name for our second son that I love equally and that the hubs will agree too - that has proven quite challenging! 

Here is my long, rambling list of names... 

Allen, Alden, Anderson, Ayden

Ben, Blake, Brayden (or Breaden), Bryce

Callum, Carter, Clark, Colin

Elias, Elliot, Emmett, Eoin (like Owen)

Finn, Gavin, Jack, Jake, Jonah, Jude, Jacob

Keegan, Kayden, Lewis, Lee, Logan

Milo, Noah, Noel, Nolan

Owen, Oliver, Tobias, Toby, Tate

Quin (means "fifth"), Reece (or Rhys), Rowan (or Ruan), Ryan, Riley

Teagan, Tucker, Ty, Scott, Vaughn

So what do you think - I'd love to hear your thoughts... what are your favorite names? 

thumbs up!


Mama Mandolin said...

Names I like: Bryce (my brother's name) Bryces are always cool.
Elias: my cousin-and he's a big guy. So I associate that with a big strong guy. haha
I also like Lewis and Oliver. They are names you don't hear so often but aren't hard to pronounce because we know them. When we were naming the boys I really wanted something people could say. Spending your life correcting people sucks (says my husband).

Melissa said...

All great choices!
I love Jude...Nolan...Quin...and Vaughn!

KT said...

I love Eli and why not Eli Graham? I personally plan to name baby boy # 2 (if God blesses me with him) Eli Brayden.... so I LOVEE that combination. =)

Cole said...

I'm a fan of Nolan, Teagan, and Keegan. The ones you don't hear too often. Have fun deciding

Jaymi said...

here's my favorite from each of your rows:
Ayden, Brayden, Colin
Emmett, Jonah, Kayden
Noel, Owen, Reece, Vaughn

Good Luck! :)

Mandy said...

Yay for easy and uncomplicated pregnancies! I like Finn, Rhys and Nolan :)

nicole. said...

my sons name is braeden ;) so obviously i LOVE it

Tezzie said...

Wonderful names, all of them (although, from personal experience, I recommend staying away from 'complicated' spellings! LOL).

My faves from you list are Elias, Gavin, and Tobias...all 3 were on my top 10 list when I was looking for a name for my Boy, but all 3 were vetoed by's SO hard finding names you both like! Good luck :D

My Captivating Images said...

Names are hard! :) So glad your pregnancy has gone so well! :) My favorites are Emmet, Ayden, and Gavin are my favorites. I am a fan of unique names. I am sure whatever you choose will be perfect! :)

Dorian Susan said...

Hey Faith...I don't envy you this choice, but also notice once a name in attached to a being, it works. I think you can't go wrong.
My brother named his son Quinn...
I've always like Ben, Rowan is nice....I have a 2nd cousin named Ryder-a family name and that has appeal and reminds me of your list.
Good luck. My bro and sis-in-law refused to tell anyone what they were considering-you're brave to share.
Just make sure the initials don't spell anything weird.

Shoni said...

My first son's name is Nathaniel Ryan (Ryan is my husband's name). We call him Nate. I love the name Nathaniel because it means "gift from God." I'm pregnant now with my second son. I think we might have similar due dates-mine is July 26th. We are going to name him Lance Joseph. My husband has always liked the name Lance so I agreed for his sake and it's grown on me. Joseph is my father-in-law's middle name.

My favorite boy names are Josiah and Luke, but my husband has a cousin named Josiah and a nephew named Luke, so those names are out for us.

Out of the names on your list, I really like Ryan, Elliot, and Oliver.

Good luck coming up with a name!

Ewa said...

I am in my 28th week and I have to admit choosing a name is really hard :)

I like Ryan from your list!

Joni said...

i have a ryan and and jacob. and i had a super hard time coming up with Elijah's name.

I like Quinn, Oliver, Milo, and Vaughn. I used to love the name Ayden and at one time had wanted to name a boy that name when i knew of no one else with it. I know at least 6 kids with the name Ayden now. that name is going around like the plague. it is a cute name but I think i have just heard it so much now.

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

There was a time I wanted an Elias but hubs said no ;) Milo is cute. So is Finn. We picked Aiden right away with no other names even considered, so I kind of missed out on the big decision process, lol. Can't wait to see what you choose :)

Jeska said...

Wow that's a long list haha. I like Carter and Emmett!

Carrie said...

All great names. I'm partial to Noah! I love that you asked us all. A colleague of mine and I did a study on parents' baby naming decisions! It is fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I love the band Leeland! Choosing a name is hard especially when your hubby vetos everything you I like Noah, Brayden and Blake. But Noah is getting too popular for me.

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

My son's name is Devin -- it's unusual but not something weird that kids can butcher or make fun of. And it means "he who can put his highest thoughts into words" -- what more could an English teacher hope for her child!

Valeria said...

Milo that's the name :)

Casey Martinez said...

great ultrasound pictures!! I like Noah, Jake and Tate...I think Tate is my favorite because that is a name on my top list but, I have a friend whose kiddo has that as a middle name so I don't think I could use it. Love Tait!

Shannon said...

Gavin and Jack :)

Nicolasa said...

Those are all such wonderful names! I like Finn and Noah!

Nicole said...

I really like Tobias. That really stands out to me, but some of my other favorites are Finn, Owen, Clark, Emmett and Lewis. My friends sons name is Rhys and I think that is adorable too! Good luck. That's a long list!

Becky said...

Oh, it's so hard but so fun!! I am obsessed with baby names :) I really love yours--their unique but stil masculine. I won't tell you my favorite because I don't want to sway you--you'll know. I'd say pick the name that if tomorrow your best friend had a baby boy and stole that name, you'd be really devastated. We had Emmy's name picked out before we knew she was a girl (Emerson Jane) and I would have been HEARTBROKEN if someone had stolen it ;) You'll know!

krissilugbill said...

Wow, can you believe he will be here soon! same with my little guy..its crazy! these are all great names. I like Finn, Noah and Jonah. but, there were A LOT of good ones there.

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

Love talking about baby names! One of my very faves is Milo... but here in Australia that's a type of hot chocolate-type drink and would be weird to name your kid that. If I was in America it just might be my first choice! Also love some of the other names you're thinking about - Jude, Elliot, Noah. You've got some great ones there to choose from! We find out in less than two weeks boy/girl and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

KittyKat said...

Ugh! I had a whole comment and blogger ate it.
Your little guy is looking so cute! Mine already reminds me of T.C., very active, and already making it known that he has his own opinions. Last week at my midwife appointment he kept kicking the doppler HARD and then moving away.

I really like the name Eli or Elias Graham. We went with the first name that really stood out to us, and it's definitely "his name" now.

I would also suggest not going with very unusual spellings. Especially ones that may confuse people about how to pronounce his name. Brayden is a mega-popular name right now, and it seems like spelling it "Breaden" could complicate your life and his. People will probably automatically pronounce it "Bred-un."

My favorite names on the list:
Colin, Eli/Elias, Milo, Owen, Quin, Rowan

Maybe it would help to try the old trick of yelling the possible name out the back door five times fast. If you still love it, there you go!

It's also helpful to keep in mind that sometimes names that end with the same letter as the beginning of the last name are difficult to pronounce together, almost like a tongue twister. For example, I LOVE the name Oliver, but try saying "Oliver Raider" three times fast without getting tongue-tied!

Faith said...

Thanks so much for all of your feedback!! We're especially loving the name Eli Grayson