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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ten things I do even though I know I shouldn't

I should be folding laundry, or washing dishes but I got this post idea from a Twitter friend of mine and couldn't resist writing one too! It's not as easy as you'd think though - I kept thinking - yikes! Do I really want to admit that I do that?! Ha!

But what is a blog post without pictures? So here are some random photos from Sunday's impromptu mini-session. Lesson learned: don't attempt a photo shoot while the kiddos are watching TV during a commercial break - it's really impossible to expect them to cooperate! So enjoy...

This one looks like they're copying the cover of a BarlowGirl CD
L-R: Katie-Abigail, Beth & Emma

I stay up waaaay too late. Thanks to the discovery of shows like Hawaii50 & Fairly Legal the hubs and I will often be up until after 11. And since night time is often my most productive time of day (after all the kids are finally in bed for the night) it's not unusual for me to be up as late as 1 or 2 am. Not ideal, I know, especially now that I'm preggo.

LOVE this one <3

I watch too much TV (see above). As hard as I work to try to limit the amount of TV my kids watch - about a half hour in the morning while I'm trying to wake up, and a half hour to an hour of Wild Krats and World Girl while I'm making dinner. I used to let my kids watch more Disney Channel after dinner but try to limit that during the school week - much to my kids dissapointment - but after they are in bed the TV comes on, the ice cream comes out and I have a couple of totally unproductive hours.

Love how Katie-Abigail is looking at Beth

And yes, sometimes I rush my kids through their bedtime routine because BONES is coming on in ten minutes.

What can I say - Katie-Abigail has quite a personality

Sometimes I drink OJ strait from the bottle (but shhhh - don't tell)

Then again - so does Beth

I leave my laundry in baskets - and they get terribly wrinkled. The hubs is much smarter when he helps with laundry. He always folds stuff strait out of the dryer, it takes hime like five minutes. Why can't I be more like that?!

At least they were having a great time - even if I was stressing trying to get a good shot

I drink small ammounts of caffine and ocassionally a glass of wine or a beer when I'm pregnant. There, I said it. Please don't send me hate mail.

Love Beth in this one

I also drink Coke Zero. Even though when it comes to artificial sweeteners in any other form I'm all grossed out - but Coke Zero is honestly favorite soft drink. I have pretty mich given up on soft drinks during this pregnancy, not that McDonalds sweet tea is all that much healthier than Coke - but at least for now I've decided that it's just not worth it. It must be pregnancy messing with my taste buds.

Who wants to be done? we do!!!

I'm a yeller. I know, I know, you wouldn't think so - but it's the quiet ones you've got to watch out for. I get overwhelmed or frustrated and yell. The "good" side (if there is one) is that I've had to learn to apologize to my kids and they've had the opportunity to practice forgivness - before they discover what a hugely imperfect parent I really am.

Sister toes

I ignore my food allergies. Even though wheat (especially in highly processed forms) makes me itchy, constipated and gives me headaches, I eat it anyway. My reaction is mild now compared to when I was younger, so it's not a big deal.

and sister hands

I procrastinate. And all of you who have checked my blog all morning to see if I've posted my link-up yet are saying "no chiz" but it's so true in my off-line life as well, speaking of which I have some email I need to reply to now :)

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Mandy said...

Oh girl! You should see how long my laundry sits in the baskets... wrinkly is an understatement. Ha ha.
And no worries about the caffeine while pregnant... I drank soda still and my little guy is healthy and happy! :)

Mellisa Rock said...

I would have been shocked a few years ago at the thought of women drinking even a tiny amount...but have read a lot about it...and most sites say there is nothing the matter with it. Wish that I had that knowledge while pregnant - I wouldn't have deprived myself so much. Coke Zero by the way is fabulous.

Glad that you liked the post - and so happy that Chrissy brought light back to it with her guest post.

Anonymous said...

I cant totally relate to you with the late nights, the laundry in baskets and the yelling. I am at my most productive when all my people are tucked safely in bed and the house is till. Which puts me in bed well into the wee hours of the morning and then back up again at 6 to get the kids up for school. And when it comes to my laundry,i KNOW that it takes me 10 minutes TOPS to put a load away when it comes out, but for some reason it just sits there...I think it likes it in the basket! Its cozy ;] As far as the yelling goes...we have to louder than our kids fighting, right? You're doing the best you can Faith, and Gods Grace is new each day! <3

Courtney K. said...

Love these photos of your kiddos. :) I drink too much caffeine, too. And I'm a yeller. Not something I'm proud of, but I am. And yeah...rushing through bedtime routines in preparation for a show? Happens every Thursday & Sunday as I gear up for Grey's Anatomy and Army Wives!

Jessica said...

Awww, they're adorable! These shots are great!!

Michelle said...

Your girls are gorgeous! What a lucky Mumma :) I'm a quiet one who is also a yeller :/ And I also totally drink out the juice bottle (shhh) and leave my laundry sitting in the basket...usually until hubby gets annoyed and folds it haha!

Faith said...

I should have added this to my list: Use smiley faces instead of punctuation marks :)

Kimberly said...

That's a fun list! Thank goodness we're not all perfect! :) And those pictures are great! Your girls are adorable!

Ashley Sisk said...

I think I just fell in love with you - I can totally relate. I think I'm starting to develop food allergies. I'm in a constant state of itch but I'm terrified to eliminate some of my favorites foods from my diet. And coke zero is really does taste a lot like the real thing to me.

Tamar SB said...

What adorable pictures! And I am an OJ out of the container girl too, but I live alone so I let it slide, I actually had to go out today and buy a new carton since a friend is visiting this weekend and figured sharing my apt is one thing, but germs is another!

Tamar - from community global.

Life With the Crazies said...

Hey guess what?! I'm not perfect either :) I'm totally a procrastinator, I'm not quite sure how I made it out of college!

Honestly, Rachel Marie said...

I stay up way too late also, it's my only "me" time.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the girls. LOVE them. I love that you had a fun shoot even thought a great show was on and the tv was calling them : )
I laughed about rushing through bedtime because bones was calling. That is pretty much how I am on a Real Housewives night! I haven't seen Hawaii Five O yet. I need to put it on a list of must sees!

andrea said...

I love posts like this that are totally honest! And I can relate to so many of the things you listed...stay up too late, watch way too much TV, rush thru the bedtime routine, had a beer or two or three (not all at once) while pregnant, procrastinate and yes...I yell. Not my proudest moments, but I usually end up in tears cause I feel so bad I yelled.
thank you for being honest. :-)

krissilugbill said...

haha i love this post so much! i dont feel alone right now! i am right there with you on SO many of these! seriously. So it feels good to know I am not the only one! ana i absolutely LOVE these photos, seriously love them.

Jennifer Bowen said...

Nice series! The girls look like they're having a lot of fun. I despise doing laundry, too. It seems to pile up as soon as I'm done putting up the ones I just washed. Crazy, right?

Love Hawaii 5-0! Great show.

Chrissy MacCEO said...

Great post! I was excited to write it after re-reading Mellisas! Its sometimes fun to look at the silly things we do, shake our heads and either continue on with them (LOL!) or make some changes.

Dorian Susan said...

Faith...I love this post. Comin' clean. I like you just the way you come across here in blogland. Plus if your pregnant, you deserve at least 3 gold stars and mega bonus points-which will totally off-set any slight imperfections you may have mentioned. (:

Gabby said...

Such darling pictures! I've been staying up late as well. It's quiet, and I can focus! Unfortunately my daughter can be quite the night owl, so I have to give in sometimes and lay down with her (but at least she's cuddly). Great post!

<a href=">The...Late, Young Family</a>

Grace said...

I really loved this idea for the post and your answers. I think its nice when we can just be honest and not care what others think.
I personally drink so much coffee that sometimes I think it would be wiser to just carry around the pot with a straw in it.
Now don't you feel better?
When I was pregnant with my son I did no caffeine, coke, liquor or smoked. He is 28 now and just quite smoking and is an alcohol representative? I should have just enjoyed myself and let the good times roll LOL

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

Love the post AND the pics. I drank orange soda like crazy when I was pregnant because I thought it was caffiene free... Then I read the label! Oops, lol. My lil dude is the most chill babe though for what it is worth, haha.