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Monday, March 21, 2011

{L i f e} on a Monday

It's nine o'clock at night and this is literally the first moment I've had to sit down at the computer since Friday afternoon. (Okay, well - I did sit down for a minute to send an email to one of my photography mentoring students but I was interrupting Emma's math game on the computer so I'm not counting that.)

I wish this post contained a row of spectacular submissions for my favorite photography challenge - the Scavenger Hunt Sunday but I'm sorry to say that I don't have even one photo taken for it this week - not one!

I'd also like to be posting an amazing week of photographs for my 365 project but yet again this week's photos have been few and far between. I really hate that it is so hard for me to keep up with projects like this. Here is the downward spiral for me... I stop making time to view other people's 365 projects so I loose inspiration and run out of ideas for what to do for the day's photo - I get stressed out - I leave my camera at my desk - I fall behind - I get more stressed - I go Tuesday to Saturday without taking a single photo. It drives me nuts. It also reminds me that I need to make more of an effort to make better use of my time so that all of the little things that I'd really like to get done on a daily basis - like my 365 project and emptying the dishwasher - get done. You'd think that would be easy, but apparently (at least for me) it's really not.

While I am waiting for my photos from this weekend to load from my camera (and my camera's battery is running low so it's taking forever) I browsed Flickr for a minute (instead of replying to one of many emails that need my attention - see the bit above about spending my time more wisely). I was looking at *Cinnamon's flickr stream especially and her photos are so good (and so insanely popular) it makes me sick. Like this one - it's film, of course, and just amazing. (I would post the photo here but she doesn't allow her photos to be used on other people's blog without written permission - and this is just not that type of post) I like this one too and the negative space in this shot just kills me. There are so many more I could link to - so just click over and enjoy - but only if you've got about half an hour to kill.

Finally - here are some photos from this weekend...

I'm apologize for the watermark but I really thought it was necessary for these pics of my girls. 
If you are my friend on Flickr you'll be able to see them without the watermark. 

We spent the weekend in Atlanta with the hubs' family - it was a great weekend, we went out to see a movie with my brother and sister in-law while my mother in-law watched all six grandkids! (four are mine). We had a great time together and the kids all pretty much just slept the whole time. My mother in-law also made the most mouth-watering roast in her slow-cooker and then the next day we shredded the leftover beef into some minute-rice - it was amazing. 

We all love going to see Grammy but we always come back exhausted and since this is pollen season here in Augusta we were dealing with that on top of the tiredness. Katie-Abigail cried on and off all night long with an achy ear, despite a maximum dose of pain reliever and some allergy medicine that usually knocks her out, so I took her the the doctor today and she has possibly re-ruptured her ear drum. I hope not. She's doing much better on antibiotics now and we'll go see a specialist in about two weeks - once any ear infection has cleared up. 

I adore having her home though I hate it that she has missed so many days of school. She loves going to school and is doing really well socially as well as academically but I would love to keep her home with me every day. 

Wow - what a random post. 

If' you've read all of this - you're amazing. 

BTW: I've loved the comments y'all have left me recently, especially on my last couple of posts. I can't tell you how much it means to me that you come by and visit! 


Anne U said...

Beautiful photos, love the hair twirl.

Audrey @ said...

Hey I feel ya, that's how last week was for me. I love your photos! it looks like some fun days. and Thanks for a new person to spoon over on flickr. That is why I LOOOOVE flickr!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I love those pictures...but poor Katie-Abigail! :( Praying for you!

krissilugbill said...

ugg, i feel you. Photography is the best, but sometimes just like everything else it can cause stress! But mostly it is the best stress reliever there is as long as deadlines, etc. aren't attached. I loved the shots you had from the weekend though! sounds like a fun time, that last one is my favorite!

Tiffany said...

What a fun weekend. It is always good to get out of the house when there is lots to do or lots on your mind to do:) I know this time of my pregnancy last year my mind was in overload most of the time. Don't worry, whatever you are doing it must be good. Look at those happy faces you just posted:) Take care.....


Courtney K. said...

I'm right there with you on losing inspiration when it comes to long winded projects. It's SO HARD to keep up with something daily. Especially, for me, photography. I love, love, love shooting and editing, but it's tough to find the time and the balance to get it all done. Here's hoping we get it all figured out...for our creativity sanity's sake. :)