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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Favorite photos so far

It's good to take a moment now and then to pause and see what we have accomplished so far... looking back at my year so far in photographs there are highs and lows - I may not have accomplished everything that I wanted to - but then I've also had some other moments that surprised me. So to start this post off I choose my top five photos of my kids, taken by me. It's terribly difficult to choose just five!! 

Featured as #1 photo on The Daily Wyatt
This is my oldest daughter. Processed in Photoshop Elements 7 with actions from My 4 Hens Photography

01 10 11 alt
A photo of my second daughter taken during our "blizzard" at the beginning of this year.
 Processed in PSE using an action from Paint the Moon 

1 8 1101 08 11
Taken during the snowstorm earlier this year. I love the way these look, I don't even remember what I did to get them to look this way. I know I applied a few actions in PSE but I have no idea what I did - but I love this whimsical treatment!  This is such a typical, wonderful moment for my youngest daughter.

I can hardly believe that this is the best photo I have of my little man! 
I have tons of photos of him but most of them are cell phone snapshots. 

This is cheating a little, I know - it's not taken by me. But here is a photo of my little guy, due in July.

So those are my top five favorites of my kids. 

But I couldn't stop there! I have several more favorites that I wanted to share!!

01 07 11

01 04 11


1 22 11
Featured on Pieces of me

01 05 11

Banana Strawberry French Toast1
Featured on Paper Heart Camera


Saturday POTD

A beautiful day with my little sister


Peanut Butter Easter M&Ms

a slightly brigher edit

Monday's POTD
Featured in Top 5 on the Daily Wyatt


Joni said...

my favs. are all the food photos. i MUST be hungry! :) ha!

Tiffany said...

love those flower shots!

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

That very first is the photo of yours I always associate with you if that makes sense... It is stunning and I always marvel at how much she looks like her beautiful mama! :) They are all great choices, but the other one that stands out is the ladies having coffee out of focus... I love that one!

alicia said...

That first one is priceless. So many fab shots. And yes, great to stop and reflect. You've had a good year...

Jessica said...

Nice photos!!!! I just love the first photo of your eldest daughter! So lovely. :)

Courtney said...

That first photo of your daughter is just beautiful! No wonder it was featured as #1!! I agree with you on the way you processed those two of your daughter playing with the's a very fun and whimsical PPing :O) Love it!! I love all your other favorites as well! You are a wonderful photographer!! Thanks for linking up!!

Heather said...

All of the pictures are fantastic. I love the first picture of your daughter! Her eyes are mesmerizing!!

Michelle said...

I think my favourite is the one looking down at that tiny white flower, beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I love your childrens' photos. So sweet. All the food photos are good too!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Great choices, Faith! I really love the second shot.

Amber said...

I agree that first photo is AWESOME!! I tend to enjoy the shots of children doing what they love to do, so the third is so sweet. It tells a story and is so true of kids at play. They are so focused.

Thanks for linking up with us FAITH!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love these photos - I still love that first shot.

Tammy said...

That first picture is gorgeous. It deserves that #1 title! Beautiful pictures.

Selena @ Stoneyville said...

I love the doll photos! They are all great!

Anonymous said...

What a great look-back! I might have to say that my favorite is that muffins shot - I've got a think for the fade-look at the moment...

Anonymous said...

(I meant "thing" not "think") :/

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. I love the second one

Buckeroomama said...

I loved looking through all the children's photos (and congrats on the little one coming soon)! =)

Great food shots, too!

Valeria said...

Really great shots. Those muffins....yummy

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

what a beautiful set.
u take LOVELY pictures!

elizabeth said...

love all your entries this week -!!! very inspiring

Nicolasa said...

These are all so fantastic! The one of your youngest daughter playing with her dolls is priceless!