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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching up Project 365 Week 8 & Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sorry to have been MIA this weekend - I wanted to participate in all my favorite link-ups but didn't have a lot of time (or energy) to sit at the computer - then yesterday I was nursing a monster head-ache! I get these every time I'm pregnant.

I also landed a part-time freelance marketing job for a local business this weekend! I'm really excited about it but at the same time it's a little overwhelming trying to juggle my family responsibilities, this new job, my blog and my photography classes.  One of the biggest challenges is that I will be launching and maintaining their social networking sites. I have a pretty good grasp of how to do this for digital products but I have no idea what my strategic process should be for a local brick-and-mortar business. If you have any tips or sites to recommend please do send them my way!! I'm really excited to be branching out into this - it's something that I've wanted to learn for a while.

But enough about that - here's the stuff you really want to see! Here is a glimpse into my day-to-day photography. My Scavenger Hunt Sunday pics are scattered through my 365 project photos.

week 8
Week 8 in my project 365

The template is from The CoffeeShop and the font is called CK Becky
You can read my tutorial on how I create my 365 collage in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Strawberry Banana Cream Cheese French Toast. I promise I'll have a recipe posted for this soon!! I've bought all the ingredients, just haven't had the time and a clean kitchen at the same time. This is SO good!!

DSC_7231 DSC_7251
Emma writing in her notebook on the back steps & Katie-Abigail showing me how big of a bubble-gum bubble she can blow! She has been really excited about being able to blow bubbles lately.
DSC_7353 DSC_7302
The kids were home for President's Day. Emma had been sick with a fever the day before so we had a nice peaceful day at home. I got out the paints for the first time in a while - so much fun!
my nephew
One of my adorable nephews!
See more photos from this day here
Aunt Abi
My sister, Abigail - lover her so dearly!
A beautiful day with my little sister
We took this photo as a collaborative effort for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday theme: "blurred" check out her fabulous edit here! She also took a sweet maternity shot of me for the SHS theme "life" (which was a pretty brilliant idea of hers!)

I took this one for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday "Life" because this is one piece of everyday life. Stacking up towels, using them, washing them, folding them and stacking them up - life is just like that, repeating stuff every day, over and over and trying to see the beauty in the everyday, ordinary stuff of life.

Taken for Scavenger Hunt Sunday "Everyday"  Prenatal Vitamins - I try to take these everyday.

beautiful spring day!DSC_7844
Taken for Scavenger Hunt Sunday "Capture the Sky". We've had beautiful spring weather here lately! Most days it's in the 60's - 70's (F) yesterday we hit 80 degrees! There is this cute little cherry tree blooming next to our driveway. I haven't been able to photograph it satisfactorily yet but this is what I've taken so far. I snapped these quickly on my way out the door Friday evening.

belly bump
I was working on the computer on Saturday night and thought the contrast of my growing baby-bump against the black of the keyboard was pretty cool.

okay - that was weird
(SOOC) I was attempting to take a photo of the beautiful morning sky. What I got was really crazy! I just had to share it, plus it's the only photo I have from Monday. The day ended gloomy cloudy, rainy and with threats of severe thunderstorms.

Breakfast this morning :) A nice way to start the day! Muffin bread, orange slices, orange juice and Decaf English Breakfast Tea.
best muffin mix EVER!
Made with this muffin mix - best mix ever! Just add one cup of water and they come out perfectly ever time. The first time I bought this mix (on sale) it sat in my pantry for about a month because I wasn't sure if they'd taste very good - but they really do! Even my husband (who generally refuses to eat anything labeled "fat free") loves them!

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Ashley Sisk said...

All of these shots are so pretty and I know how you feel - I was nursing a headache and woosy stomach all day.

Nicole said...

Your shots are all great! The sky shot really sticks out the most for me! Think Spring. Oh, and cute baby belly!

Abi said...

Faith, these are great! Your baby bump is SO cute and your photo of my little guy is the best shot of him ever :)

Kimberly said...

Looks like a great week! Monday's sky pic is pretty cool! Hope you are feeling better now!

kbreints said...

Congrats on the new adventure! You are a busy girl!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Love the two on the middle row of your collage.

Carrie said...

Such a great collection of photos. You're such a beautiful pregnant mommy! I absolutely LOVE the blurred picture. Congrats on the good news.

Jen said...

Strawberry Banana Cream Cheese French Toast.

made it and LOVEEEEEEEE it!