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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Upcoming Photography eClasses

my lil sis and me

Simply YOU! Photography Mentoring e-class
Available in March, May & August 
Registration Fee $100
One month of customized assignments just for you, and personalized attention, within a small group of digital SLR photographers.
Limit of 10 participants 
This is seriously one of the coolest things I've ever participated in. If you are at ALL interested in photography, please sign up! The rates are so affordable and she is so accessible and in tune with her students. Her assignments are fun and challenging, I'm only in my first week and I've learned SO much alreadyChana

(taken with my cell phone)
Simply Basics Photography eClass
March 7 - April 2, 2011
Registration Fee $40
The Basics eClass is for photographers with any type of camera with the goal of helping you learn the basic princliples of photography. This class lasts for four weeks and covers the topics of: light, focus, crop, & perspective.
This class is limited to 30 participants

Thank you! 
I have loooved this class.  
I have learned so much, I can't even tell you.  
I can't even think of a best lesson, they were all so great!
 <3Gilda aka mommarocks

innocence of a child
Simply Bliss Basics of Childhood Photography eClass 
April 4 - 30, 2011
Registration Fee $40
For anyone with any type of camera. Learn to take better photos of children! If you have children in your life, whether they are your own or not, spend a month with me and learn to take better photos of these adorable, but sometimes difficult to photograph subjects! There is something for everyone here - no matter what type of camera you own or what level of skill you are at with your photography I'll teach you tricks on how to photograph children indoors and outdoors, I'll give you pointers on how to set up a great informal portrait and a few hints on how to capture a sweet shot of kiddos in action. We'll stretch our technical knowledge and flex our creative muscles. Every assignment photo you submit will receive personal attention and a helpful comment from me - as well as encouragement from other class participants! I am also always available to answer any questions you have or help you via email with any trouble you are having with the assignments.
This class is limited to 30 participants

You did a great job of teaching. I always looked forward to Sunday nights for my homework and would find myself laying in bed on Sunday evening, planning my week's photos.Thanks for all the hard work you put into the course. I realize that you have a busy life with young children. So I appreciate the time you invested.   Jeannie

Josiah 1 week 9-26-07
(taken with my point-and-shoot)

Simply {SLR} Photography eClassNEW CLASS: May 1 - 27, 2011
For anyone with anSLR camera. The worst part about owning an SLR is figuring out how to use it. I know lots of moms who have never shot out of "Auto" mode - which is such a shame because once you learn how to shoot in manual mode you will never ever want to go back to Auto ever again!  Give me four weeks and I will help you move that dial off of "auto" and into beautiful photos of your children and all of your loved ones. I'll give you tips that will have you using your camera with confidence and I'll let share my favorite tricks for getting that frame-worthy snapshot. The class lasts for four weeks, covering the topics of: aperture, shutter speed, ISO & white balance and I will also be sharing some of my creative method.
This class is limited to 30 participants.

Thank you so much Faith! your feedback and encouragement are awesome! I am loving your course so much already. I already know that I will be taking the next one as well :) Thanks again!   Kristin

favorite toy - his "mater" Lightning McQueen

Thank YOU for the class!  

I am so excited to finally have a better idea of how to use my camera. 

I don't want to use the auto mode again!  

I have a lot of practicing to do, but even in the few short weeks since the class started I'm getting more and more comfortable with what settings to use.  

I plan to take more classes from you...


01 05 11 sooc
30 Days of Simply {SLR} Photography e-class
July 1- 31, 2011
Registration fee is $40 $28 until July 1st
30 days of blog posts (on a private blog) to build your photography skills. 30 days of prompts to stretch you both creatively and technically. The Simply {SLR} Photography eClass is for digital SLR camera owners and my goal is to have you shooting comfortably and confidently in full-manual mode in just four weeks. I'll be covering the topics of: aperture, shutter speed, ISO & white balance. I'll teach you about how to crop your photos for more visual appeal, learning to use your light and show you some ways to look for a creative perspective. I will also be sharing some of my creative method and what inspires me as a photographer. Unlike my other classes I will not be leaving feedback on every photo posted but I will be available to answer questions and give help.  
Class size is unlimited for this class only.
Register here.

Faith,I just want to say your class has been one of the best classes I have ever taken in photography. I have taken one other class about turning to manual but didn't truly get a lot of the stuff that the teacher was explaining. It just wasn't clicking, so I ended up taking your class and your explanation of the features of our camera and how to use our cameras was so easy and simple to understand that it just clicked with me, I mean I truly got it. I am no longer scared of going into manual mode in fact that is almost 95% of what I shoot in now. I used to use auto because it was so easy and I "thought" it took good pictures, but once I understood manual I realized I loved that I was more in control of my settings and how good my pictures would turn out. I now have way more flexibility with just how creative I can be and to do what I feel will look the best. Thank you so much for making your workshops affordable and easy to understand. I really truly do appreciate it! Thanks sooo much! 

Click Here to register for any of these classes.


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So I think I am going to sign up for your mentoring class! I learned so much taking the first one, but I really want to keep going and challenge myself in hopes that one day I can start my own business!


what a great lineup