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Monday, February 14, 2011

Photo of the Day

Sorry to be posting so late! What a crazy day today. I was up all night with Katie-A complaining of an ear ache so I kept her home from school, which was a good thing since she slept most of the day, ran a fever in the afternoon and I noticed what looked like a burst ear drum tonight before she went to bed.

On top of all of that I was busy all day getting the house ready for an inspector that is coming tomorrow to do a routine check for the business that Daniel runs - but since he runs it from the house at the moment that means that a whole week of sick-kid junk needed to be cleaned up.

It's a nice feeing to get it cleaned up after drowning in dishes and tissues. And the weather was just gorgeous. I opened the windows and listened to the birds singing and enjoyed some fresh air. The day was beautiful right from the beginning when I took this photo on my way out the door this morning.

POTD: Monday - a beautiful spring morning

I know these are super-common spring weeds but they make me smile. They are one of the first signs that spring is on it's way!

Another thing that made me smile today: Listening to Josiah talk to his Grammy on the phone. He is such a cutie! He said "Thank you for my Valentines Card. I like it when Grammies do that."

Also going over the photos from my students for my photography class was simply the perfect way to end the day - I LOVED the January class so much and I had started to miss seeing their work in my group but it looks like the February class is a great mix and I'm really looking forward to going through the next month with them!


Isabelle said...

Love the pic! I can feel the warmth just looking at it!=)

SKC said...

Beautiful shot.

Tiffany said...

Wish that was out my window....still snow:) Hope everything gets back to normal soon. However, I have found with 5 kids it is just a new normal. Have a great day.


Lynda said...

Love the sunshine pouring down here!

Hope your life gets less bad-hectic and more good-hectic soon!

Tezzie said...

Oh, that's so pretty! It gives me hope that perhaps spring might visit us up here, as well ;D

love and life ♥ said...

SO beautiful!