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Monday, January 10, 2011

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Me! - picture of yourself (you don't have to show your face). What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

featured here
The thing I am proudest of accomplishing in 2010 is definitely the launch of my photography classes. I only started it July and it has been so much fun and more successful than I imagined. I am also really proud of how I have grown my blog from an on again off again hobby with about a hundred hits a week to something that is really fulfilling and getting a thousand hits a week. It has challenged me to be a better photographer and introduced me to some wonderful bloggers who have become friends!

I Love You - picture of your husband, boyfriend, children, pets, etc.
I SO love my kids. These are three of my four kids (well, I guess I have five now! if you count the new baby) these are the ones who don't mind being in front of the camera. I love them SO much. They drive me crazy make me feel like I am loosing my mind but they bring me so much joy! I am so blessed to be their mommy.

Winter Wonderland - a picture that reflects Winter.

my princess

This is from the snowstorm we had in January! It's my all-time favorite winter photo.

Birthday - share a birthday picture (your own or someone you love).
This is Katie-Abigail's 5th Birthday. It is one of the few birthdays I documented well. She has such a perfect day!

Friends - a picture with friends (this could be your friends or your children with their friends).
my sister and me
Here I am with my BEST friend. My little sister. I spent two wonderful days with her over the summer. Yes, we drove each other crazy at times but she has been a constant friend and I love her so dearly!

I Was Inspired... - could be a picture of your inspiration (person or thing), or inspired by...
All of you!! I have more followers now - but this was a big day for me so I took a screen capture of 365 followers. You all inspire me to be a better blogger, photographer and friend!

Spring Fever - a picture that reflects Spring.
Spring was a big time of transition for our family. We moved from Atlanta, Georgia (we lived just a bit north of the city) to Augusta, Georgia - three hours away from all of our family. It was a wonderful move for our family and we love our new home but it was a really stressful transition and we miss seeing our families as much as we used to.

Travel or Vacation - a picture taken on vacation or on a recent travel experience, OR of a place you'd like to travel.
This is a photo of when I went to visit my little sister. That's pretty much the only "vacation" I had this Summer! 

Summer Days - a picture that reflects Summer.
We had a wonderful summer at the pool. This year all of the kids learned how to swim really well and we had such fun at the pool. It made for some great family time. 

A Day In My Life - a picture of a typical day in your life.
featured here
Daily Life - most days that means taking the kids to school and picking them up again in the afternoon. This photo is from our first day back to school!

All Smiles - a picture that makes you smile or of smiling faces.
How do I pick just one photo for this category? I have hundreds of photos of my kids smiling faces but this is a photo that makes me smile. Me and my Mini-Me with our painted toenails and blue jeans.

Autumn Harvest - a picture that reflects Autumn/Fall.

Family - a picture of your family or a picture that represents family for you.
I rarely take photos of all of us together or get everyone in one shot - but here we are at my parent's home over Thanksgiving drinking hot Cocoa. With the hubs playing Angry Birds on his iPad. :)

Celebrate! - a picture that reflects a celebration.
One of the biggest celebrations for our family this year was the birth of our nephew. Here are two of my girls and their cousin jumping in the hallway of the hospital!

Let's Do It Again... - a picture of something you'd like to do again soon.
Here is a photo of the fam with Grammy at the Savannah Rapids. It is a beautiful park and one of our favorite places to visit in Augusta.

I Miss You - a picture of someone or something you really miss.
I miss my little brother.

Beautiful - a picture of someone or something you find beautiful.
Can I put a hundred photos here? This one is so difficult to pick just one. But here is one that I settled on. My beautiful Emma. She is a sweetie and oh so very helpful. She loves to look her best and is my most willing subject when the camera is out!

Dress Up - this might be a picture from Halloween or not...but someone who is all dressed up!
My kids went through something of a cross-dressing phase over the summer. They would dress their little brother in girl clothes and then they would wear his clothes (yes, my seven year old can wear clothes made for a three year old - go figure). They thought it was hilarious. I just took pictures and waited for the phase to take it's course.

Macro - share your favorite macro image.
I decided to go with this more unusual choice because I am pretty proud of this shot - not only did I kill  the fly so that I was still able to photograph it - I took this shot and edited it (this is about three photos compiled into one shot) and it actually looks kinda' cool! 

This one was my second choice: 

Holidays - a picture from the Holiday of your choice.
I got very few good photos over the Holidays - so here's one that says "Happy Holidays"

My Favorite - share your favorite picture or memory from 2010.
This is one of my favorite photos from 2010 - it so perfectly captures this season of my Little Man's life. Plus I always love it when an image turns out great SOOC.

Don't Ever Change - something you love about yourself, someone, or something that you never want to change. 
As much as I wish that there was something in my life that would never change - there really isn't. Life is always changing and that is okay because that is what growing is all about. As much as I wish I could hold onto my kids hugs and kisses and little people cuddles and silly sayings they are growing and one day they'll be gone. And that will be a good thing because hopefully I'll get to watch them grow as adults and maybe one day even see their children grow and I'll sit with her at her kitchen table and look into her exhausted eyes and let her know that she's doing a great job and that everything is going to turn out okay, even if the Laundry doesn't get done. 

Just Because...So There! - share any picture(s) that you really want to share, but doesn't fit in any other category. 
Okay, just because I can - I love this photo!! 

Hopes and Dreams - share what you hope to come or dream for 2011. Feel free to share an image of your choice.
For me this is sort of the photo that started it all. It is the first photo that I took and really worked hard at the editing, just for a photography challenge. My first photography challenge! It feels a bit like the photo that started it all for me. This is an example of the type of image that I have grown to love to take and is one of my first that I consider really good.  

I hope to take more photos like this next year, photos that break through to a new level of photography, photos that make me really happy. 

I hope to inspire more people to continue to pursue photography as a hobby, it is such a wonderful creative outlet and something that I know I need to balance out my crazy life. 


Jen said...

wow, this was such an inspiring, loving, sweet post. great set of photos!

Elizabeth @ Musings said...

What great photos! I think your favorite is my favorite too :-)

Ashley Sisk said...

This is really a beautiful collection Faith. You were one of the first blogs I came across...and one of the first that really turned on my passion for photography. I look forward to seeing where you'll go in 2011.

kbreints said...

Wow-- that fly photo knocked my socks off! -- and you and your sister look so much alike!

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous set of photos. I honestly don't know how you do all that you do.

Jeska said...

I love all of these. Your kids are too cute and wow the "a day in my life" photo really captures being a mom! More power to you!

Jhen.Stark said...

Oh how I love that you linked up! And your blog is beautiful and this post is beautiful! I love how full of JOY your family is and how it just radiates in all of your pictures! Especially the ones you linked up for my In Love challenge!!!!

Tiffany said...

these are great.

Nicolasa said...

Love your blog and your photos! It was so neat to learn more about you!

Mikayla said...

I'm so glad you found my challenge, especially since your blog is named simplicity.;)
Flowers are my very favorite thing to photograph and you did it beautifully!

Chelsea said...

Great group of shots!!