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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yes, I have totally lost my mind.

I chalk it up to the two weeks I spent on the couch, feeling unwell then getting a cold, and then going out of town for Thanksgiving... I feel like I have completely lost my mind!

I had a wonderful time cooking with my mom and just visiting with our families. The quality of my photography over the week was rather poor, I just have a few snapshots but I thought I'd share them.
The hubs (playing angry birds on his iPad) drinking hot cocoa with the kids at my parent's house

My mom and dad with my kids (sorry Mom - you really are a beautiful woman! I wish this photo did you justice)

The cousins (on my husband's side of the family)

I got my act together enough to celebrate my oldest daughter's ninth birthday

She asked for a "surprise" cake so I put purple food coloring in a white cake mix - she was really happy about it.
I can't believe my baby is nine!

We gave her a camera for her birthday (of course!) She is especially enjoying the video capture feature on her little point-and-shoot. I'm enjoying watching her expand her creative interests.

No snow here in Georgia, just lots of leaves and rain. This is the one "good" photo I've taken this week.

I hope you will enter my giveaway and VOTE for my blog at the blog guidebook and forgive my blogging absent mindedness. I promise I'll be back soon!


Kimberly said...

I just voted! Good luck!

Amanda said...

I love that cake!!

urban muser said...

love that purple cake! said...

Awesome purple cake!! Fun mom!!