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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little man's silly sayings

my adorable little man

I was inspired by my little sister's blog post and decided to write a post of my own about some of the cute and funny things said around here by my little man.

I put a hoody on little man this morning and asked if he wanted to wear a hat too he said "no thanks, I've got my neighborhood"

this is the face he makes

We were driving and sister was talking about Hannah Montana when Little man pipes up "when I was big I kissed Hannah Montana"

"I'm NOT cooperating!"

He talks about when he was big a lot, one day he said "when I was big and you were little, Mommy, I carried you in my Toy Story Three baby carrier... and then, we went back to normal."


This afternoon he asked me if he could have another piece of gum. I asked if he had swallowed it and he said he hadn't so I asked him where the piece went that I just gave him to which he replied "it went down the hole in my mouth!"

LOVE his smile.