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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Confession:  Today I am looking forward to the day I am finally able to go to Uganda. I have a friend who goes every year, and whose professional vocation is running a non-profit organization to help an orphanage just outside Kampala. Today I read about another young woman who lives in Uganda with 13 foster kids and 400 more kids at her center. It makes my heart ache for the day I get to join them, if only for a week, a month, a year. I wish I could do more now.You can help by participating in Ornaments 4 Orphans today!

Confession: I go a little bit crazy when my kids have the day off of school. Today is Veteran's Day and my kids have the day off of school...

I can't help but think how different Veteran's Days are now than they were when I was a kid. Veteran's aren't just our grandparents and great-uncles anymore they are our husbands, brothers and sons. If you have written a Veteran's Day post you can link it up at the Household Diva.

Back to my busy, loud house... it never ceases to amaze me how loud my kids can be!! I have four kids - ages almost nine to three years old - and it gets really crazy, really fast. I prefer for things to be calm and serene and I like it best when everyone is busy with their quiet activities but that only happens for maybe 15% of the day! However for the second day I am feeling poorly (thus a lack of posting yesterday) I've pretty much spent every moment I can on the couch. I am guessing I have a really mild case of the flu. I don't have any strong symptoms just feel super-tired, lethargic and generally yuck. Hopefully I'll be better in a day or two. So for today I'll just have to let the happy noise be.

Confession: I hate the holidays, well no, scratch that, I hate all the family drama, and all the stress of trying to make plans to see family and all the financial planning and shopping for said insanity. I hate how much I am hating the holidays this year... What the heck ever happened to "comfort and joy?" jingle bells and peace on earth?

The best part of the holidays to me is all of the community service projects. This week we are participating in the food drive at my church and it felt so great to do my shopping with that in mind. When you are trying to shop the sales not just so that you can stretch the family dollars farther but so that you will have more to bless a local hungry family out - that is transforming. I've been the Mommy at the food pantry, waiting in line and praying for some cereal and juice for me little girl. I am so thankful to no longer be at that place in life! I'd love to hear what community service projects you and your family are participating in this season!

Confession: I have not been to the gym this week. Not even one time. I wrote it in my day timer, I was going to go at least three times this week and haven't been once. What's up with that?

So how about you? Do you have something you'd like to confess? If you want to - grab a button from the side bar and link up below.

Some weeks it might be rather trivial and superficial other weeks it might be deeply personal, or spiritual. I know that I am the most encouraged by other bloggers who share their lives graciously yet openly, I am comforted by knowing that I am not alone. There are other women, all around the world, who share common struggles... and joys. So let's gather our confessions together and confess that life is hard, we make mistakes and that's okay.


Sarah Ann said...

lovely confessions.
I know how you feel - I ache to be on the mission field. Realizing God's timing is good but hard!

Sheri said...

Move 2,000 miles away,it's amazing what happens to the family drama! LOL