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Saturday, October 16, 2010

the weekend I disappeared from my blog... and cleaned my house

I'm sorry I've been so absent from my blog lately and slow to reply to emails, we have been taking this weekend to get the house good and clean. It's time for our annual maintenance check and we wanted to make sure that the house was really clean for her visit.

Man oh man. What a difference 24 hours has made! All the laundry is put away, all the dishes are washed, both of the bathrooms are spick and span and all of those crayon and pencil marks have been magic-earasered away.

(cue angelic chior)

I will try to get to picking a top five from my photography challenge, but it will probably be Monday or Tuesday before I'll have time to get the post up.

I do have a super-cool blog to point you towards today all of the links below link to the same blog, just different posts.

this is an awesome series of posts!


Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness.
Time out to clean the house!!
Um, yeah. I was doing that earlier, too. ;)

p.s. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, dear:)
p.p.s. --I snagged your blog button--cute!

satakieli said...

Oh, this is out house cleaning weekend too! Although mine isn't finished yet...

I love those paper wreaths, simply gorgeous!

Sandy Addison said...

It must be the weekend for it. We have had 3 weeks of rain and this is the first weekend of no rain, so the sheets have been washed, and the garden weeded and just generally feeling a sense of accomplishment. If only we had the time and motivation to do this every week.

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

I am truly happy that you got time to clean your house. We just simply need to do that sometimes don't we?
~Naila Moon

The Wishful Lamb said...

wow these are great!