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Friday, October 22, 2010


Week three: day 3 Contemplate your shot

Flower Assignment
{Rachel Leigh}

Flower Assignment

{Rachel D}

{Creative Assignment - Flower} Week 1



Chana said...

You Stop It Right Now!

Thats my little flower up there!!

My heart almost stopped when I saw my work on your amazing inspiring blog!

Wow...what a compliment coming from you:)

Thank you!

Miss Giny said...

OMG !! I'm here !! I'm so glad & proud !! ♥

Thank you Faith ! ^^

Rachel Leigh said...

Thank you a million! It made my craazzy day seeing my photo on your amazing blog!!!
Thank you again!
God Bless, Rachel Leigh

krissilugbill said...

wow, are these all the shots from your class right now? they are beautiful!

momma zen said...

These are all magnificent - that last photo is my absolute favorite!