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Friday, September 17, 2010

i {heart} friday - take 2

I've been gathering a few notable photos from the participants in my photography class. Their work has been brilliant and they have responded in such a positive way to the challenges, it has just warmed my heart!

W2,D1, Water 1/640

railroad with sun rise
{Jenn} Watch out for her! She has a lot of potentional.

Outdoor Action: frozen
{Rachel - and then she snapped}


Week 2 - Day 3 - SOOC low light/blur

Everyday Beauty - The Piano

Shoot Where You Are

I wanted to add a few of mine to this post, I haven't had much time to take pictures but I've snuck a little bit in here and there when I should be doing dishes ;) I've been SO inspired by the participants in my class!
Simple Object Challenge
Settings: f/13 0.013 (1/80)ISO 1600
I shot this in my open doorway on a white peice of paper. I also used another piece of paper to reflect off of the fork (to keep my fork from reflecting the lines in my door). I used my regular 18-55mm lens and the only editing I did was to clone out a few tiny distractions in the background.

And here are a couple - SOOC - I did no editing whatsoever. I have no idea why they turned out colored like this but I LOVE it!
water spiget       DSC_9568
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Sharmada Nagarajan said...

beautiful clicks:-)

Rachel said...

I am so behind this week! I really need to catch up! These pictures are great!

Jamie said...

Wow - amazing shots from everyone

Unknown said...

Thank you, Faith!!! I am having the MOST FUN in this class. I can tell the biggest difference after only two weeks. I am shooting entirely in manual!!!

Jhen.Stark said...

Thank you for the {heart} love! Goodness, I feel like I'm getting worse, mostly 'cause I know very little of manual, but I know you put that in your work book, so I'm looking forward to getting better ;)

Yay! Happy Weekend!

Mackenzie said...

Great pictures! So glad that you feature all of these pictures because they are absolutely stunning!!

Sheri said...

Oh the baby in the rocking chair!!! TOO perfect!