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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Funny Face

My Katie-Abigail is my go-to girl for funny faces, so when I saw that the Pioneer Woman Assignment was Funny I looked up some photos of my funny little girl. I don't know which one I'll submit  there are SO many funny ones! I thought I'd share a few with y'all here:

talking to BarbieKatie-Abigail
K-Amy gold-star girl
Oh yes, I do love my funny little girl, who like her Mama and her Mum "laughs at the funniest things" ;)


Janet said...

Adorable and so expressive.

Sheri said...

CUTE! Check out that dirt!!!!

Megan said...

All of them are sooo cute! My favorite is the top right one with the little piece of food sticking out of her mouth!

Keriann said...

Oh my gosh she is too cute! I have a little boy that is my funny face! I couldn't choose a picture either! Good luck!

Ewa said...

so cute, I love the expresions on her face