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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Touch-up Tuesday

It's not too late for Touch-up Tuesday!

These photos are from a quick photo-shoot I did the other day of  some pretty carnations by the light of the window. I got some other pretty shots too that I can't wait to share :)
the light on the wall
This is my SOOC shot

DSC_8246+paint the moon
This is simply edited with a texture from my wonderful sponsor Paint the Moon
I like both edits in different ways :)


Dear Piper said...

Hi Faith! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just love yours, and I love linking my photos to your challenges :)
I changed my side bar titles with images. There is a way you can do it with fonts too, but the image way is Super easier! I'm actually working on a tutorial for this right now! ;) If you want I can email you over some short and sweet instructions tomorrow!

Have a great night!

Dear Piper said...

Oh sorry I'm signed in on the wrong account....
Go to to get ahold of me ;)


Lynda said...

I love paint the moon! Your edit is great and the lighting is fabulous SOOC!

Jenny Esterbrook Photography said...

I love them both! Gorgeous job!

Holly said...

So soft and pretty!
I didn't see a linky to link up.
Here's my URL:

Holly said...

Strike that last comment ;p I figured it out.
LOVING you soft, pretty carnation!! The SOOC is rather stunning, TOO! ;D

Rachel Roushey said...

Both shots are awesome! I love it when both the edit and the original can be used and beautiful.

Karli said...

Oh goodness, they're both GORGEOUS! Absolutely beautiful. And you're right...they're both lovely in different ways. I feel so calm just looking at them. The lighting is amazing. Thanks so much for your edit. Happy Wednesday! :-)

Ashley Sisk said...

This is beautiful Faith - I wouldn't expect anything less than perfection.