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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Fundraiser

it's that time of year again! the time when the kids come home with massive packets for their school fundraiser. this year Emma is totally into it! she wanted me to post something on my blog about it - so here goes. Insteadofdoing a product feature post, (and I have some VERY awesome ones in the works!) I'm just going to ask you to consider participating in Emma's fundraiser. If you want to help Emma reach her goal of 4 orders by Friday then leave a comment with your email adess and I'll send you her student-shopper code. Here is a link to the store.

cardboard crown

Emma choose a few of her favorite products for you to see:
and here is what I'm getting:
Could you help her out? She'd be SO thrilled!

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Ashley Sisk said...

I placed my order. Woot Woot!