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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Product Feature: One Pearl

This post is a tad bit long for a product feature post - however I am so in love with this shop and with the products I a featuring that I just couldn't help myself.

All of the product photos with the border are ones that I've taken. The ones without are from the One Pearl website.
onepearlDSC_8286 2

My featured shop this week is called One Pearl and it is an online shop that gives 100% of it's profits to children's charity. I totally and completely love the products that I was sent. It is a long 70" string of pearls that can be worn in a variety of ways. I twisted them up to make a short necklace for the photo above, but I also arranged them into something longer for the photo below.


The shopkeeper, Theresa, was very kind and wonderful to work with. She responded to my email quickly and is just a great person. The products I requested for this review came quickly (in under a week) via UPS. The product is beautifully packaged and would make an excellent gift.



There is a beautiful story behind this jewelry so I though I would share it in one mother's own words.
The One Pearl Story
By Theresa Wing Hines,
Founder of One Pearl Jewelry

I equate the birth of One Pearl with the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes. When One Pearl was conceived, my life was in turmoil. My heart was shattered and my soul was broken. Years of angst in our family came to a head and exploded with the forced removal of my older son from the only home he’d ever known.

Just one month into his sixteenth year, my beloved son was “taken” by escort, to live in the wilds of the smokey mountains. In the dead of winter, he was completely cut off from the world as we know it. Taken by force. Hopefully isolated from all that could do further harm to his broken spirit and mind. In this setting, the healing began, but ever so slowly. He was inundated with hours of therapy and metaphorical tasks, all whilst encapsulated in the harsh mountain winter. Just as a pearl forms when a particle is introduced to a foreign environment and coated with nacre, so my son was beginning his transformation in the wilderness. A jewel in the rough, slowly taking shape.

It was during one of my darkest times, in the early weeks of my son’s absence from home, that the analogy comparing him to a pearl came to me. It struck like lightening. He was my pearl, and was only beginning to take shape. I decided that each piece of my jewelry would feature a contrasting black or white pearl to symbolize transformation and hope. Profits from sales would be used to help initiate transformation in the lives of others, whether through education, health care or behavioral programs. I was going to take the bleakest moment of my life and try to make something good come from it. One Pearl literally saved me….

My younger son, at home, trying in vain to understand what had happened to his brother. Confused and scared, he forged ahead. Already one of the kindest souls i’ve ever met, he is coming out the other side an even more understanding and compassionate human being, with a heart of gold. He is also my pearl.

My older son was gone from home for over two and a half years. He has emerged transformed by therapeutic schools and programs. My younger son, shaken and challenged by his brother’s experience, is resilient and strong. They have both rounded the corner. To me, they are present in each piece of One Pearl jewelry i wear.

We are just one family though, and are so fortunate to have had the resources to get help. The enormous expense of my older son’s treatment was not covered by insurance. My heart aches for those families whose children desperately need this help, yet cannot afford it. Angered by this, i began to piece together a plan…that plan became One Pearl.

One Pearl’s mission, then, is to help those who need these types of services but cannot afford it. We donate money to a range of organizations, each of which is providing an educational, therapeutic, or health benefit to people in need.

This lovely pearl, which adorns every piece of my jewelry, to me, represents my beloved sons.

I relate to this story in a deeply personal way. I was nine when my younger brother was born. I helped him brush his teath, I helped him learn how to read and how to write his name. We were very close, until I hit my teens and was too busy working and dating. I got married when he was only eight years old and after that it was hard to keep up a relationship with him.
This is a photo of my daughter Beth with my brother Ian in 2004

He would come spend the night  now and then and we'd watch movies and play video games... I had no idea what was really going on.
photo by my brother - edited by me.

When he was only 16 years old my brother took his life
My little brother would be 18 next month. We all miss him so much. I would have done anything to help him if I had known what was really going on. When I wear my jewelry from One Pearl I remember my brother and the many, many teenagers just like him who are living on the edge and at risk of not making it to adulthood.

 The contrasting pearl on each One Pearl necklace and bracelet symbolizes the child who is helped through your purchase. I am so pleased to feature the work of Theresa and support her vision for One Pearl.The products featured below can be purchased without ever leaving my blog.

Thank you for supporting my blog through purchasing products from my Open Sky shop!

Next week I've got a great new earth-friendly shop to share with you so check back again soon. :)

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Anonymous said...

What an incredibly touching post and worthwhile cause. I am so sorry for the struggles that you both have endured...thank you for doing something to help struggling teens. The "one Pearl" concept is obviously divine inspiration and I pray that it brings you many funds to help your cause!


Tape Master J said...

Thanks for sharing! This practically brought a tear to my eye, sorry for your loss, I can completely identify with this story, but I am the pearl that made it through. I will most definitely be looking into 'One Pearl' and encouraging others to do the same. Thank you!

Theresa said...

Tape Master J - So glad you made it through. You are indeed a pearl.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

These are beautiful. I'll have to look into getting one in the future. Also, I wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine a world without my brother in it.