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Monday, August 9, 2010

Miscellany Monday: The First Day of School Edition

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} This weekend we spent Saturday aftenoon doing school shopping. I HATE SCHOOL SHOPPING!!! I spent over $100 on paper, notebooks, markers, pencils - what is up with that?

{2} Sunday was Katie-Abigail's birthday. It was totally crazy. We bought her this Chipette's card that has the ending song from Alvin & the Chipmunks Squeakuel "shake your booty" the kids were dancing to that song
happy Birthday baby!

{3} Katie-Abigail went out for breakfast with her Daddy in the morning, she LOVED IT. He got her the most amazing birthday balloon ever. 
He bought Josiah a little nerf football, which was perfect since he was having a little bit of difficulty with being jealous of his sister - it's kinda funny because we would have never done that for Beth or Emma - Josiah loves his football and hasn't let it go. He asks to play "fetch" with it.

football for jojo
let's play "fetch"

{4} Notice all those silly bands? Before long I noticed that they were starting to cut off the circulation in her hand! It was slightly painful for her when I took them all off. After that I only let her wear a few at a time. Yikes!

{5} I took Beth to get her hair cut and it looks better than it has since she cut it on Father's Day. SO glad we got that done before school starts. Even if just barely.
birthday girl :)

{6} Aunt Abi sent an awesome little face painting kit so I attempted to paint the little kids faces. It was not perfect but they loved it and that's what matters.
painting a "super hero" mask on Jojo
super hero face-painting

{7} This morning was the first day of school fo my girls and we had a really sleepy start. Yeah, I was not loving it.
not lovin' this morning.
my 2nd cup of coffee
Totally a two cups of coffee kind of morning.
my school girls
But we got everyone out the dressed and out the door on time!
My kids are so cute!
off for our first day of school
And now we are ready to head to school :)

{8} Amazingly enough, for all the tears and the nerves Katie-Abigail did not cry one single tear when I dropped her off for her first day of Kindergarten. I expected a full-out tantrum, I guess talking about it all weekend helped her know what to expect... and know that there was only one option.

{9} Also amazingly enough I was the one crying today! I didn't expect it but as I walked away with only Josiah in my arms I had a little tear in my eye. As much as I'm loving the quiet(er) I'm also missing my girls.

{10} I took only Josiah grocery shopping this morning and it was actually kinda' fun! We weren't in a hurry, we just talked and he gave me hugs and drank chocolate milk and was my helper.
just mommy and me
BTW: He LOVES this shirt. He want to wear it every single day. He is a huge fan of Toy Story.
He loved choosing the produce. When it was all done he climbed into the trunk of our van and said "okay - close me!" it was so cute:)
So it looks like it's going to be a great first day of school!


Simplegirl said...

Hi, Happy Misc. Monday. I will be going through your #8 & #9 next week, I'm kind of nervous about it. I love your pictures!

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like a good weekend and I love your mad face painting skills!

Wild and Precious said...

i miss first day of school!!

love your girls matching shirts -- so cute.

Barbie said...

Your children are precious. Yay for kindergarten. I cried when all mine went too.


Abi said...

I'm glad that you did the face paint with them- gorgeous! And great job with that cake too!