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Monday, August 23, 2010

Just another Misc. Monday

DSC_8640 2

{ ONE } The first thing I saw this morning was my little man laying beside me, with our dog laying beside him. It was so adorable - I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but they woke up as soon as I got up.

{ TWO } I am SO glad that it's Monday - I know, how weird is that? It just felt really good to be up and in my routine, making lunches for the kids and drinking my coffee while everyone else was sleepily eating their cereal.

{ THREE } We had a wonderful weekend! We managed to get through the weekend without watching any TV - that is very unusual for my girls, who are usually asking to watch TV every five minutes. We rented a couple movies which we really enjoyed and we even watched them together as a family! We rented The Last Song - which was a bit cliche and not Miley Cyrus' best performance ever but Daniel and I both cried and ended up loving it. The kids liked it too, though I think they were a little bit too young to really enjoy it. We also watched Furry Vengeance I thought it fell into the "not bad" category. It was SO silly - the kids loved it!

my new phone
{ FOUR } The highlight of my weekend was that I got a new phone for my birthday! I've been wanting an iPhone for awhile but my cell phone carrier doesn't support them so I found something else that is just as good, if not better than an iPhone - it's a Samsung Vibrant and I LOVE IT! The camera on it is great, I can even change what mode I'm shooting in and do a little bit of exposure correction.

Here's a shot I took of myself on Saturday while I was waiting at a red light.
2010-08-21 16.06.04
and here's another I took yesterday when we got to church
2010-08-22 10.14.35
Yeah, I'm SO lovin' it.

This week on the blog

Tuesday: Photo Challenge Theme - Birthday Since it's my birthday this week I thought it might be fun to do a birthday themed photo challenge, post a photo from your birthday or your child's, birthday candles or a happy birthday to me (wink wink)
Open Sky product feature - I've got an awesome product from a wonderful lady to feature - I can't wait to share it with y'all!

Wednesday: Voting begins for my button challenge and awesome giveaway - so be sure to link up your blog button concept before it's too late!

Thursday: my birthday :) so who knows!

Friday:  the very last day to enter some really awesome giveaways:
Enter at the Paper Mama to win a spot in my SLR photography class (if you've already registered for the class and win the giveaway I'll refund your registration fee)
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Here's a worship song to get your Monday morning going:

Leeland & Brandon Heath "Follow You"

FYI: I will be away from the computer on Saturday so if you send me an email and don't hear back I'm not ignoring you - I promise!

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krissilugbill said...

what a fun challenge theme! hope you have a fabulous b-day week!