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Monday, July 5, 2010

a very random Monday morning

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I completely agree with Carissa about fireworks - it sounded like they were exploding on my house and all I could think was "If these fireworks wake up the kids I'm not going to be happy about it.

{2} I keep dreaming about grocery shopping. What is up with that? Last night I dreamt that I had only cash with me and was stressing out about which cereal to buy.

{3} On and off this weekend I've had a small ant infestation. Instead of reaching for the bug spray I reached for my camera and tried to get some photos of them, which was a lot more difficult then I thought it would be. I then prayed down the counter with some lysol and they haven't been back.

{4} I like eating by myself. Events that include a meal are generally avoided by me. At home I would much rather eat my bowl of cereal by myself once everyone else is finished.

{5} Dinner last night was AWESOME!! I've been craving chicken biscuts for a while so I bought a bag of Tyson chicken filets and a can of biscuts. It was SO tasty and SO easy!!

{6} Registration for my photography class is CLOSED. If you want to do the beginning photography class you'll have to wait until October. I'll be offering a class in September for SLR camera users only.

{7} Confession: I haven't seen any of the twilight movies, or read any of the books. I'm tempted to see them after watching Robert Pattinson in Remember Me  - it was a great film and he played an amazing character. What about you? Have you seen the new Twilight movie yet?


I'm Cara. said...

I can't stand eating alone! I sometimes will beg my DH to just stay awake for 10 more mintues so I can eat my cereal with him... Although lately I've been more inclined to want to do ANYTHING alone since both my boys stopped napping and follow me around like lost little puppies all day.

Mandy said...

Good morning! I'm with you on the fireworks and the Twilight movies~ I'm afraid that if I see the movies it would be one more thing that I get addicted to, and I just don't have the time! =)

It also cracks me up how many people live on cereal! I don't mind eating by myself or with people, but I do eat more than a normal amount of cereal all around.

Great blog~ have a great day!

Courtney said...

Yeah, the fireworks were a little too much around our neighborhood every night of the weekend, all hours of the night.

So excited about the e-class! Gonna grab the camera in a bit and start snapping some pics.

I'm a Twilight junkie. I read the books, though I didn't expect to like them. I became obsessed and feel madly in love with Edward Cullen. I haven't seen the new movie yet. But the books are amazing! Stephanie Meyers captured a modern day Romeo & Juliet and the description of their chemistry is delicious and addicting.

Sandy a la Mode said...

hello! yea, i'm not a huge fan of fireworks either, well i think they are pretty but i don't like hearing them and not being able to see them... and yesterday i was too lazy to go outside and see them b/c they were random and all over the place!

mmmm chicken biscuits sound sooo good right now!

i have seen twilight but that's about it. i haven't read the books or seen the sequels, honestly, i'm not sure what the big deal is...

Lea said...

No, haven't seen any of the Twilight movies, but my daughter and her husband love them. I don't think they are my "kind" of movie. :o) How funny that you like eating by yourself, I've never thought about it. Have a great week! Blessings!

kbreints said...

That is so funny that you mention the Remember Me movie... I could not sit through it. I was not at all expecting that story line, and it felt like it was dragging on and on without a destination. I stoipped it before it was ever and moved on to the next movie!

Barbie said...

Oh yes, a couple of times it sounded like our house was in a war zone! Too funny about your grocery shopping dreams! I despise ants. I hope they stay away for you. I have not seen any of the Twilight movies, yet. Have a great day!

DORCAS said...

I guess I am one of the LOUD fireworks folks. LOL But I understand too. THanks for sharing your randomness!



Corinne said...

Thanks for reminding me I wanted to see Remember Me - I totally forgot about that one! :)

Christy said...

Remember Me was awesome, huh!? I want to say more but won't in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, but you know what I mean! ;)

Anonymous said...

I keep dreaming about packing and forgetting things. I can imagine grocery shopping dreams being as stressful. I am sorry :(

I have read all Twilight books and watched the first too movies. I must say that, in my opinion, the books were way better than the movies. I think the movies are OK, but the books have a different layer to them which I really enjoyed.

Have a wonderful Monday,

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

ugh - dreaming about grocery shopping?! now that is a nightmare!

i'm so glad i'm not the only one on the whole firework thing. ; )

sorry about the ants!

have a lovely week!