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Thursday, July 15, 2010

make me laugh

The Paper Mama

I knew right away what I wanted to post when I saw Chelsey's photo challenge at the Paper Mama: Katie-Abigail she is uber-expressive and when the camera is pointed at her makes funny faces beyond all of the other kids.

Here is my photo for the photo challenge. But I couldn't help but post some of these other recent funny faces :) enjoy!

These are from before we moved

Here K-A is running to go see her Daddy!

The girl with too much turkey in her mouth



Here's a funny story from this afternoon. Josiah and I were talking about trains and train tracks. He asked me if train tracks were fun. I said "No, you have to be careful around train tracks because if a train hits you it could make you die" To which Josiah said "If a train hits me and I get brokened you will have to buy a new one and fix me! You can put new batteries in my back and turn my switch on." 


Melanie said...

LOL! She DOES make great faces!

Julie M. said...

Great pictures! Thanks for finding me, I love your blog and I might just be signing up for your photography class. Do you have a link that talks a bit more about what you cover?

Corinne said...

They are too cute! :) Great pictures!

gibknitty said...

these pictures are so adorable. great faces!!

Mommy2Four said...

She's a character!

Ashley Sisk said...

Well looks like you better put that girl in drama classes because she's got too much character to hold back. Adorable faces.

Jamie said...

What an expressive little girl