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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The begining of something new

My photography class begins tomorrow. I am amazed at how well y'all have received my offering. People have registered from Georgia to California, Australia & Canada. I'm humbled. I'm scared to death and at the same time so completely thrilled! Sort of like the feeling I had at the beginning of my first professional photo shoot. I hope that it is a wonderful, growing experience for the participants. I hope that I learn how to do these better so that I can continue to do them. I'm so excited about this idea.
Here are the names of the people who have registered - if I haven't linked up your blog please send me an email or leave your blog address is the comment section. Also if you have registered for the photography class but have not received the email I sent out tonight then please email me. I may have used an incorrect email address. Each one of you is a dear one to me. A special shout-out to Sandy in Australia!! She was the very first one to register!! Thank you to Brandee for her enthusiasm, because of her I re-opened the registration, which turned out to be a great decision. Her excitement is contagious!

Christy (Critty Joy)
Christy (Skinned Knees)

Thank you to each and every one of you! I hope you enjoy your class :)


Betty Anne said...

I just became a member of your blogfrog community -- I think I did it right -- it is all new to me. My main blog is

Ashley said...

I am so looking forward to it. I wanted to say I will be out of town some during the end of this week :( but can't wait to get started!

here is my blog

Claire's Creations and Photography said...

Thank you for reopening registration. I would have missed out on a great opportunity!! Ive read over the syllabus and happy to say I'm so excited to start class tomorrow!! Thanks again!

Sievertsen said...

Hi Faith
Send you an email, asking if i could join your class?
Hope to hear from you :-)

Courtney said...

SO EXCITED! SO EXCITED! SO EXCITED! and a little nervous.... ;)

Brandee Leafty said...

Thanks for saying such nice things!! I just wanted to post my blog name since you didn't have it...