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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a Link-up Party!! Tuesday's photo challenge

What happens when a little boy gets up before his mama? Today that meant half a dozen eggs crunched and smushed all over the kitchen floor. Usually Josiah snuggles with me before we get up and make my coffee and his chocolate milk, but this morning Josaih was all get up and go, and I was, um - not.
So I cleaned up the huge eggy mess then sat at the table watching Josiah eat his breakfast and the funny thing is that as I sat there what I felt was gratidue. I'm grateful to be the mommy of this sweet boy, I'm grateful that even though he gets into mischief and can be areal handful sometimes he is a good sweet boy. He is my good sweet boy. The little man I dreamed of and prayed for four years before he was born.
Today's theme for my photo challenge is "corners of my home" this morniing I managed to find a comfy spot in my house that's tidy and photographable. It's where I sit every morning to drink my first cup of coffee and where I often sit to read in the afternoons. What about you? Post a photo of a little spot in your home you'd like to share with us! No matter where you live, I am sure you can find something interesting to photograph, once you open your eyes to it.
This week I'm celebrating the kick-off of my photography class and hosting a link-up party all week long! Yesterday's link-up is to post a song. All link-ups are open until Sunday at 11pm


Amy said...

Thanks for fixing my link for yesterday's song link-up.

The thumbnail that is appearing for today's challenge is not the photo I am submitting. The real one is labeled in the post. I don't know why it switched... I think the thumbnail Linky is having issues, because it's not working for me for Shutter Love.

Faith said...

the Linkytools link has been acting weird lately. Don't know why.

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

Your corner looks very comfy! I look forward to seeing everyones corners. :)

Danelle said...

Finally linking up today! And you're not the first one to wake up to eggs smashed all over the floor. Gotta love it.

Kristin said...

That looks like quite the comfy chair...wish I had something like that to lounge in!

This is my first time submitting for your challenge. I hope I did it right! :) There are lots of photos in my post, but the first one is the one I'm using for the challenge. Like someone else mentioned, the photo in my link is not the one I'm using for the challenge either.

Thanks for hosting this linky party!

Faith said...

Danelle- thanks so much for your comment, I feel a little bit better now :)

Ginger said...

Hi Faith,
I'm a little late on this challenge, but I love it! Fun theme, and definitely a challenge to take an interesting photo of a chair. :)