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Friday, June 25, 2010

i {heart} FRIDAY

Today I'm linking up with Jessica at A Few of My Favorite Things
Welcome to today's edition of I {heart} Friday here on Simplicity. I am enjoying these posts so much I think I just might have to make a button for it, or something! Seriously, I have this post in draft all week as I collect little things to share with you at the end of the week. I love it!

Usually my inspiration is mostly visual, and I do have some wonderful photos to share with you but this week some of my best inspiration has been written! Honestly if a blog post is super-wordy I tend to sort of skim it. I love the photos and a good little rant, oh yes, I do love me a good mama rant. But these posts spoke to my mama heart and I ate them up and felt like writing something more serious myself - at some point, eventually.
This Heavenly Life
Check out This Heavenly Life her posts are well-written and thought provoking as well as a whimsical and humerous account of her life as a stay-at-home mommy to two adorable little girls.Check out the link-up she's participating in called Bigger Picture Moments. All of these posts are worth reading! I hope to maybe link up next week (so many link-ups so little time!)

also from her blog are these little beauties

My favorite creative blog is Smile and Wave and the awesome Rachel has posted yet another rockin' tutorial this one on how to make some simple pom poms to celebrate summer.

Have you seen this AWESOME etsy shop? It's called Polkadot Magpie and it's all made out of recycled material! This is one of the most creative personalized handmade jewelry etsy stores I've seen! She works with metals wood and beads - go check her out!

This is CRAZY cool, it is something you plug into your iPhone, iPog Touch or iPad and it turns it into a universal remote. via Real Simple's 6 Time Saving Tips

Photo Contest at Gazzilion Bubbles Through July 23!

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My song for this week. I hear it on Air1 Radio all of the time. "Lead Me" by SanctusReal

FREE Blogger templates at Smitted Blog Design - so very very cute!!

This weekend only at Imagekind you can get FREE ground shipping! Click here to buy my photography prints! Use the checkout code "SUBJECT10" click here to view the ad.

I will be away from the computer this weekend so if I don't reply to comments or questions -  that's why!Don't forget that there is still time to register for my photography class!! Next week's photo challenge is "home"  - I'd love to see a little corner of your home that you love or something that reminds you of home, or even a photo of where you used to live! The link up will be up on Tuesday and Wednesday - so don't forget! :)


Adam and Wendy said...

I've just about decided I need to invest in some of those metal stampers! I'm seeing so many crafts everywhere where those are used! :)

Thanks for coming to see me at a and w! :)

Lori said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying perusing yours. I'd like to sign up for your photography class-hope I can swing it this week :)

Faith said...

Do you mean metal cookie cutters? These were baked in letter molds which would be SO much easier!!

Corinne said...

Those necklaces are too cute!!! And love Sarah from This Heavenly Life, she's ALWAYS a good read!

Shelle said...

lol...i've tried to do this but ended up with 1000 drafts on my blogger. i downloaded picasa and i have to say it's awesome for collages because it's quicker than posting everything separately...there's nothing else to do but click the photos you want and then create.

it's always fun to see other wonderful blogs that we never seem to have time enough to visit.

Courtney said...

These are all awesome!

krissilugbill said...

oh my word, yes i read smile and wave too and love those little pom poms! will i ever make them? who know...prob now, but i really want to, i feel like they would cuten up any room :) I love those bird necklaces soooo much, thanks for the share :)