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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y'all!! Man, this week went by fast. Are you looking forward to the weekend? That little bug that we had last weekend seems to finally be working it's way out of my family, one or the other of us have been sick all week long. ick. But we've got a pretty busy weekend planned so hopefully this turn towards health will stick and we'll all be well enough to enjoy it.
I'm linking up with Andrea today for the weekly Caffeinated Randomness post!
On Tuesday I read this post it's about dealing with those crazy Monday mornings and really puts things into perspective SO worth the read!!
I also came across these FREE Downloadable Invitations they are really beautiful! There is something for just about any occasion, plus templates for everyday things like monogrammed note cards and stationary.

I saw the link on a super-cute blog called Etsy It Up! there are lots of fun giveaways and cute etsy shop features.

Another too cute silver etsy shop that would be perfect for a teacher's gift or Father's Day gift is called Charming People. Here's just one of her creations.

We watched "So you think you can Dance" (season 7) on TV last night. It was just the auditions but this one of Bryan Gaynor dancing to "Fireflies" was AMAZING.
Unfortunately the took the video off of YouTube :(

Here's the full song I so love it

My photography e-course is ON! It'll be $20 (paid via pay pal) for the month of July covering topics such as low-light, still-life, & composition just to name a few, and will also focus on nurturing creativity! It'll be a super-fun thing to do together this summer! More details coming soon!
p.s. I heard today that it's national doughnut day and most major doughnut shops are giving away FREE doughnuts today!


Kela said...

Your post is chock full of great resources!! Thanks for the "offering"!
Have a blessed weekend!!

Tracy said...

I love the invites. Those are really remarkable for a freebie.

I did watch the show last night. Your link has been taken down but I know what you are talking about. Amazing!

Free doughnuts? Nice.


Kelly said...

Those are great links! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I heart Etsy big time. Which reminds me, I need to go shopping...

Michelle said...

Fireflies is my daughters favourite song. They used it one of their routines for Rhythmic Gymnastics. I love your National Doughnut Day. I wish I had known this before going out today or maybe that's a good thing. :)

Mandy Chiappini Photography said...

Bryan Gaynor is incredible. Such an inspiration!!

McMom said...

Yeah for National Donut Day! Good thing I didn't read about it until all the donut stores were closed though :)

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh big bummer - I am reading this too late to go and hit up my local doughnut store! Thanks for the other great tips - those invites are darling! Wish I were in a spot of my life to concentrate on photography but would love to someday. Sounds very enticing!

Your blog is lovely!