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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 3 - explained

Thought you might like to know what this mess is:

Live Free or Die Hard a movie that both my husband and I both enjoy
Underworld one of my husband's favorite movies, that I enjoy too
Miss Potter love this beautiful film, especially the end that my husband doesn't watch with me.
Little Women one of my favorite movies, I want to be like "Marmie" when my kids are that age!
Bella this is SUCH a great movie. I just LOVE the family and the honor that they show to unborn life. I sobbed when I saw it the first time.
Pride and Prejudice LOVE this movie! I've seen it at least two dozen times
Where the Wild Things Are one of Josiah's favorite movies - a beatiful movie.
Nooma: Rain my favorite of the Nooma videos. You can also watch it online.
Eat, Pray, Love a really enjoyable read it is got me into yoga!
Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously one of my favorite reads this/last year
Captivating Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul I may not have agreed with everything, but I LOVED reading this book
Persuasion my favorite of the Jane Austen novels
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work one of the most practical books about marriage that I've read in a long time with fun, easy to do activites
Redirecting Children's Behavior this book is SUCH a helpful resource, it changed the way that I think about discipline
Crazy Love I read this book as part of a Bible Study, it really a challenging
One Thing definitely my favorite of Sam Storm's books, easy to read and challenging to think about, even petter than John Piper
Wide Open Spaces: Beyond Paint-by-Number Christianity reading about the Church outside of "Church" really makes me rethink the relationships I have with other believers. A great read.
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality the first in this genre and still my favorite. SUCH an enjoyable read, it's like walking along just chatting about this and that and he slips a little pebble of truth into your pocket that you don't even notice until later.

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, Birth to Age 5  a must have for any new parent
Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House the best housekeeping book ever and the only one I've ever needed. Yes, even now that I can google just about any problem I still LOVE reading this book
Believing God Bible Study by Beth Moore I've been through this study twice. If you have the opportunity to do this with the videos they are wonderful
In Between Dreams at our house we LOVE Jack Johnson!
August Rush: Music From The Motion Picture loved the movie LOVE the music!
A Greater Song one of my favorite worship albums
Leeland:Sound of Melodies my favorite CD while I was pregnant with Josiah
Without Condition timeless message, wonderful melodies
Rita Springer:I Have to Believe my favorite CD when I was pregnant with Katie-Abigail
Jeremy Camp Carried Me: The Worship Project SO so very good.
Matt Papa: You are Good one of my favorite worship albums of 2007 to 2009
Sixpence None The Richer my favorite CD when Daniel & I were engaged
Shane & Shane: Clean really love their sound, "You and I" is a great song
Chris Tomlin: Arriving the first Christ Tomlin album I ever heard, still my favorite!
John Waller:The Blessing used to go to the church he leads worship at
Watermark: A Grateful People SUCH a great album!!!
Bebo Norman: Between the Dreaming and the Coming True have you heard the song "I Will Lift My Eyes"? It's on here. Love it. There are some other really great songs too
Big Daddy Weave:What I Was Made For I used to exercise to this CD every day. LOVE it. I pretty much love every CD but this is my favorite
Nicole Nordman: Woven and Spun still my favorite album of Nicole Nordman's I used to dance to this in my parent's back yard with Emma when she was a baby
Hiding Place one of the first CDs that helped me really worship. LOVE it.
Fernando Ortega:The Breaking of the Dawn soothing and beautiful, one of the few that I bought before I was married and still have
John Mayer:Room for Squares "Your Body is a Wonderland" is one of my favorite songs

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Tricia said...

Blue Like Jazz is one omy favs too...I luv how you described it.