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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Day 3

When I read that today's word is multilayered the first things that came to mind were some of the layered dishes that my mom would make - Lasgnia, Enchilada, Scalloped Potatoes & Ham, and then ther was her signature dessert - I think she called it Oreo Cookie Surprise. What it is is a layer of oreo cookie crumbles mixed with butter and patted down into a 9x13 pan and then layered with green mint chocolate chip ice cream, cool whip and my great-grandmother's family-secret recipe fudge sauce. My mom would make it every summer for some church function or other, or for a holiday. We all loved it. I even considered buying some of those ingredients so that I could make one just to photograph, but that seemed highly impractical, since to make this delicious monster right it seriously takes all day to make it. You know the drill, add a layer, freeze it for a couple hours, epeat until the pan is full.

But then I had another thought - people are very multiIlayerd too. I am a woman, a Christian, a wife, a mother, an artist, a homemaker, a friend, a nighbor, a sister a daughter, a chick in the check-out line, a blogger, a very complicated and well, multi-layered person. I thought one way to represent this would be to collect a bunch of my favorite books, CDs and DVDs as somewhat of a representation of my life. I put together the stack of stuff but I'm not very good at arranging thing and I am not very happy with the results.
So I tried it again from more of a metaphorical angle - all of those "layers" are different and influence who I am as a whole, like strands of a multi-colored rug. Being an artist is one strand in the rug of who I am, having it makes me a more colorful person, just like the athelete or the intellectual. This is part of the "weave" of me and I embrace it.
Did you have a hard time journaling about creative shut-downs & "bomb kills"? I did, I have a pretty supportive family and group of friends. After thinking abou it for awhile there were two ways that I kill my creativity that I thought I'd share here. One is distraction it is just way too easy for me to sit down at my computer and kill a whole hour and accomplish nothing at all. That is something I really want to apply to my blogging, I'm not quite sure how just yet. I want to improve the content of my site but I get so distracted that I rarely write down the thoughts rolling around in my head so I end up just posting a photo, participating in a link-up and calling it good enough. But "good enough" usually leaves me feeling stressed out about my site meter report and generally dissatisfied with my blogging experience. Don't get me wrong - I love blogging (obviously) and I adore my readers but I'm sure you can relate to that feeling of "where do I fit in?" And "what will it take for my blog to become more like the blogs I admire?"

That leads into the second reason that keeps me from moving forward creatively - and that is needing the approval of others. If I'm blogging or writing or photographing with the aim of pleasing trying to please others, or more importantly with the fear that other people won't like what I do, then my creativity get's squashed by fear - the fear of not being considered "good enough" by other people and the fear of being dissapointed. I want my photography and my writing to be a real extension of myself I something that I do simply because of who I am and simply because pursuing my creative outlets makes me happy and at peace with myself - that is enough for me, that is where my best work comes from.

I got this great quote today from this daily thought email that I get every day from Real Simple here it is, it seemed perfect for today:
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" -Winston Churchill


Jamie said...

Beautiful post and photos

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Needing the approval of others. Yup, that's my problem too. The other day I was thinking... Am I really this insecure and dependant on the approval of others? Needing to move forward.

oneinspiredhand said...

I like your rug pic! Captivating is one of my all time fave books!! I see it there in your book pic-so wonderful :)

Lia said...

First of all I too find myself unsatisfied with my first attempt at my cbc photo then with a little more effort I'm so much happier with the result. I love the rug shot for multilayered. Great idea.

Second, I don't have too many visitors to my blog but every now and then I'll think, no comments? What is wrong with me? I've gotten better about letting go of the need for others approval. I think I just really like the interaction with other like minded people. It is nice to get the feedback though and it is nice to read that I'm not alone.

krissilugbill said...

love your blog! i really enjoyed your book/cd/and dvd picture and like i said on flickr, i love the book blue like jazz! have fun on day four!

Anonymous said...

I love both the ideas for this prompt, but I especially like the first one as well as your wonderful explanation in the post above. I got the Real Simple quote as well yesterday, but in my rush to move on to the next thing, I did not make the connection. Thanks.

Sandy Addison said...

Love your book and CD pile - looks like my bedside table LOL!!!