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Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Monday

Don't you just love today's title? Yeah it's another one of those days, perfect for linking up with Carissa for:
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I've been snuggling with Josiah while he watches Umizoomi he is getting to be so big! He'll be three years old in September. It blows my mind that my baby is so big already. He's speaking non-stop and learning letters and numbers, very randomly. He's such a sweetie and cuddling with him in the mornings is sometimes the best part of my day
We had a great weekend. Beth was invited to a birthday party. She has been so lonely lately so it was such a blessing for her to be able to play with some other girls her age, and I was able to chat with their mothers which was really refreshing. Making friends in a new town is hard and sometimes life here can be lonesome but it is wonderful to see how God has provided for us.

When we got home from the birthday party we splashed around in the neighborhood pool. We have some really awesome neighbors and the kids had a great time playing with them. Daniel got a pretty bad sunburn on his back and all of the kids faces are that cute shade of pink on their noses. Then we hung out, eating Moe's (their Salsa might just be the best ever)and watching TV.

We had a great Sunday too. Trying to find a Church is totally and completely suckish. However we've been going to a church for a couple of weeks now and it's nice to be in a familiar place. I'm still not 100% sure if it's where I need to be, but the people are very sweet and it's a friendly and well-organized place to be and talking to some of the ladies on Saturday I can tell that these ladies honestly want to follow God, even if that means moving their family all the way across the country. I admire that.

Totally random: Have you seen on TV that you can get a $5 children's ticket to Sea World? I thought that was pretty awesome, especially since %100 of the ticket price would go to helping conserve wildlife. I went to the website to check it out an adult ticket is almost eighty bucks! and the $5 is only good for one child per adult ticket purchased and the regular kid ticket is only ten dollars less than the adult ticket. Of course there is a whole list of promotions, but I still think it's crazy expensive, at least for a family of six.

I started doing the Creativity Boot Camp yesterday. There are SO many people participating it's CRAZY. The random word prompt is "ivory" I thought "what it the world am I going to photograph at ten o'clock at night?" I considered just submitting on of my shots of Queen Anne's Lace from the other week. I sighed and went to my stash of single-serving ice cream cups. I opened one up and what do you know - there was some creamy "ivory" inspiration! Photographing ice cream in 100% artificial light is not my cup of tea and I really struggled to get my white balance satisfactory. I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with.

boot camp
Check the site out some time when you have hours and hours to read other participant's blogs!! I pretty much crashed my internet connection from opening too many windows!

Today starts the first day of Vacation Bible School for the kids. Beth, Emma and Katie-Abigail are all going, in the evenings. Hopefully they'll really enjoy it.

I am SO excited about how interested y'all have been to participate in my Summer Photography Class
I've already set up the blog and am testing out my new blog frog discussion forum. It'll be starting in {JULY} and will be for anyone with a camera - even if it's only the camera in your phone. We'll be talking about coposition, crop, angle, light, flash & focus. We'll be doing some super-fun exercises to get those creative juices flowing. The cost is $20 registration will open June 14 and close June 27. I will be giving away one spot in the class for free. To enter the Giveaway you can:

1) Put my "Simplicity Summer Photography Class" button on your blog!
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Make sure to leave a seperate comment on this post for each activity! I'll use a random number generator to choose the winner on June 28!


LeAnna said...

I totally understand the church thing! Hopefully you guys find your place soon. My Hubby moved a lot growing up and has never met a stranger, I on the other hand, would find it rough!
Great ice cream photos!

Anonymous said...


I came over from Carissa's blog. I absolutely understand the church thing. Since I moved I have been looking for a church I feel at home in, but so far I haven't really found one. I hope you find a church soon.


Stephanie said...

I enjoyed your ivory photo. Ice cream is right up my alley that's for sure!

A Lil Story said...

just stopped by from Carissa's blog- love the ice cream photos! very creative for sure =)