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Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Photography Class

Do you like my {not so} little graphic that I created? I'm totlly loving it. I mentioned in my earlier post that I'm planing a summer photography class - well I created a little form to collect your thoughts about it on Google Docs (it was so easy) HERE IS THE LINK !! There's no obligation so if you think doing a photography class together for a few weeks over the summer (or in the fall) sounds like fun then do hop on over to my form and give me your opinion on the matter. Thanks!

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Katy said...

I did a workshop on photography for the women in my church. I only had an hour!! So we did a crazy fast overview & it was supposed to be 30 minutes of photo time--but after some q&a we only had 10 minutes. But everyone LOVED it and I'm hoping to do some more. :)