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Monday, May 24, 2010

random thoughts on a monday morning

"Mommy, what's that on your neck?" We were standing in line at the Goodwill - we go every week or two to scope out the book section, they have great books for just 99 cents, I love it - so I can't see anything. She is really persistant, "Mommy it looks like you have a bug on you." The nice lady at the register grabs a paper towel and offers to wipe it off for me, but it's not going anywhere, I'm like "this little sucker is biting onto me I'll get it when we get to the van. So we pay for our things and make a bee-line for the van, whe we get there I discover that there on my neck hanging on for dear life I have the biggest tick that I have ever seen. This is no little seed tick, later Daniel looked it up in his Pest Control reference book and it's some kind of mountain tick - so gross!
I high-tail it home, my neighbor, who is a nurse, tells me to light a match, blow it out, then hold the match close to the tick so that it will pull itself out. So that is what I try, at first I think it's not working and look around for my tweezers. I try the match again and it works!
I did "not" scream like a little girl while it craweled across my shoulder, I did "not" scream and jump up and down as I brushed it into the sink. I got it to crawl onto a cotton ball, which I put in a zip lock baggie and tucked away in the freezer. I was "not" fighting psychosumatic symptoms for the next two days, I do "not" freak out every time I feel a little tickle or itch because that is totally irrational - not me! I took a picture on my phone which I uploaded to Facebook.
Random thought #2 when I was at the goodwill I bought some extra large shirts that I'm going to try to re-purpose into dresses. This is the first time in a long time that I've tried to sew clothes, hopefully it'll work!
#3 The end of homeschooling is in sight! I hope that one day I'll be able to homeschool the kids again - when I don't have a busy preschooler underfoot - but I am SO looking forward to the kids starting school up in the fall. - I'm so done with all the drama.
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Christopher And Tia said...

A big giant tick?! ljsldkjlkj. IN YOUR NECK?!

totally just got the chills.

I've never even seen a tick. Not that I know of at least. I CANNOT imagine having to not light one on fire to get it out of my skin. Wow.

And ew.

Yellow House said...

OMG. Yuck. On a lighter note - I also love the Goodwill kids book section! My classroom library has hundreds of them!! It's the best for childrens books. Hands down. I hope that's not where you got the tick. :(

Barbie said...

Oh you did really good. I have a thing about bugs. I don't mind looking at them but crawling on me is a completely different thing! Hope you had a great Monday!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks so much for joining in!!! oh my goodness - the tick!!! ugh! you poor thing! happy sewing to you! it's super cool that you are going to repurpose dresses. i need a sewing machine! have a great week!

emily said...

i HATE tickes---ack!
i would "not" have done all of those things either ;)